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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going up? Woman has fellow shoppers in hysterics as she attempts to scale escalator the WRONG WAY

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Almost there! Video footage of a woman scaling a downward moving escalator has gone viral

At first glance, one might think this was a high school prank.

But coiffed and clad in heels, video footage of an adult woman desperately climbing a downward moving escalator has now gone viral after sending shoppers at Saks Fifth Avenue into hysterics.

'Blonde on an escalator' captured the stereotypical moment which saw the women running and lunging up the never-ending staircase for nearly a full minute as she struggles to reach the top.

A woman behind the camera was apparently so amused by the sight, she had to get the moment on tape.

Presumably, she had watch the woman from across the atrium of the luxury store struggle the entire way up.

But as the video opens and we see the woman near the top, she seems almost baffled that others are passing her by in the opposite direction.

Ever the multi-tasker, cellphone in hand, she is fiercely determined. Extending her arms to the moving railings she throws all of her weight forward as others turn around in disbelief and chuckle.

Head-turner: Fellow shoppers look confused as the woman continues her climb

Laughs: A man smiles at the camera as he catches someone filming the well-heeled lady

Maybe there's a sale? The woman appears to have reached the top after several lunges, and sprints onward

Finally, after several steps, and 42 seconds, she appears to reach the top as the video cuts out.

The clip, uploaded by YouTube user ruderuderidee on November 11, has fast become an online sensation with over 300,000 hits since it was uploaded on November 11.

It seems that no one nearby had the heart to tell her she was going in the wrong direction.

But commenters weren't so kind.

WillianProductions17 wrote, 'Thank God she's beautiful...' while others suggested the gag was staged.

Emilyxdaniels laughed in her defence: 'Whatever. Free stairmaster is what I say.'

Watch video here



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