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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m disappointed in you’: Ryan Giggs’s estranged father breaks 20 year silence on son’s affair (despite walking out on his own family)

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

Ryan Giggs pictured as a boy with his father, Danny Wilson, who said he was disappointed in his son

Despite walking out on his own family 20 years ago, Ryan Giggs's father broke his silence to say how disappointed he is with his son over his affair with Imogen Thomas.

Danny Wilson, 55, spoke out about the relationship - the first time he has spoken publicly about his son after refusing to do so to protect his Manchester united career.

Mr Wilson said: 'Ryan is looked upon as clean living, almost beyond reproach. Now he's shown to have human frailties the same as the rest of us.

'I didn't think Ryan was like that,' he told the Sun. 'He is an iconic footballer who has achieved fantastic things. I had him on a pedestal. I'm immensely proud.

'But I am deeply disappointed at what Ryan has done, particularly as he has a young family. I'm sad for the effect it's going to have on them. His mother will be devastated.'

Following a difficult start to life, Giggs's fortunes were turned around thanks to the support and leadership of his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson

Speaking about his son's affair broke a 20 year silence in which Mr Wilson has never spoken about Giggs

When Mr Wilson, an ex-rugby league star, walked out on his family, Giggs disowned him and adopted his mother's surname.

Although he insists the split was not because of another woman, Mr Wilson was regarded as a womaniser whose career was curtailed by heavy drinking and crime, including a six-month jail stretch for attacking a police officer.

Thankfully for Giggs, Sir Alex became a father figure in his life and gave him direction. He even sees his father, but admits that things will never be the same again.

Mr Wilson, whose parents are from Sierra Leone and is now a security guard, said Giggs should have 'manned up', admitted the affair and apologised for it right from the start.

He also thinks the decision to take out an injunction was a bad one and he was badly advised.

If he had come clean from the beginning, Mr Wilson said, 'no one would be talking about it now. He's made it ten times worse.

'I'd be surprised if Sir Alex Ferguson told him to take out the injunction - it was probably other people around Ryan.'

Speaking two years ago about his relationship with his father, Giggs said: 'Everyone's childhood shapes who they are and what they do, and it was two sides of the story with my dad.

'I didn't like the relationship he had with my mum but there was another side where I looked up to him. My dad was my first hero.

'I think my parent's split may have contributed to that inner steel where I can block things out.

'When I was playing football, I never thought about the arguments between my mum and dad. I get on with my dad but I’m not going to let myself get close to him again because it would hurt my mum and people who mean a lot to me.’

Stacey Giggs was photographed arriving at Old Trafford for a family day at the weekend but yesterday she was seen without her wedding ring



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