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Monday, September 26, 2011

'I thought Jade was sending me a little girl from Heaven': Jackiey Budden loses baby daughter at age of 55

By Sarah Bull

Jade Goody's mother Jackiey Budden has had a miscarriage at the age of 55.

In an emotional interview, Jackiey revealed she was 10 weeks pregnant when she tragically lost her baby.

Jackiey, who had conceived the child with 45-year-old boyfriend John Hickinbottom, called out an emergency doctor after suffering from cramps during a night earlier this month.

Tragedy: Jackiey Budden has revealed she lost her baby daughter at 10 weeks pregnant

She told the Sunday People newspaper: 'The moment I realised the baby had died, I broke down in tears. It was so painful, both physically and mentally. It was just so awful.'

Jackiey added she felt that falling pregnant again was like being given 'one last chance' by God.

She said: 'I thought Jade was bringing me a little girl from up there. It was like she was helping me from Heaven.

'I've lost Jade and I've lost contact with my son Brett so I was over the moon that I had another chance. Now I'm so upset, I'm grieving again.'

Jackiey's baby would have been born around the same time as the third anniversary of Jade's death.

Jade's mother revealed in the interview that while the pregnancy wasn't planned, she and John were delighted when they found out they would be starting a family after just one month of dating.

Recalling when she did the pregnancy test, Jackiey said: 'I was shocked and scared. I was scared of what it would mean for a woman of my age to be pregnant.

'Straight away I rang John and he was over the moon. As I got used to it I because so happy at the prospect of being a mum again.

'Jade would have been so happy. I thought she would be looking down, I think it was a present from her. I'm a very spiritual person and I thought it was meant to be.'

Jackiey added that while she acknowledges she wasn't a good mother to Jade or her brother Brett, she was looking forward to the prospect of being given another chance at motherhood.

Heartbroken: Jackiey was looking forward to the prospect of being a mother again before she lost the baby

She said: 'This time, I promised myself I would have been a really good mother. To have lost the chance is heartbreaking.

'I thought I was getting somewhere with my life but now I'm back to being sad again. I have lost Jade and now I have lost what would have been her little sister.'

Emotional: Jackiey said she is struggling following the loss of her little girl



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