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Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Macho Man' Randy Savage dies in car crash 'after suffering heart attack at the wheel'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Icon: Known for his intensity and cowboy hats, sunglasses and flashy outfits, Macho Man Randy Savage is one of the most colourful pro wrestlers in recent U.S. history. He died in a car crash in Florida today

Wrestling star Randy Savage died in a car accident in Seminole, Florida near Tampa.

The 58-year-old, known as Macho Man, is thought to have suffered a heart attack at the wheel of his vehicle.

He lost control of the car and hit a tree around 9:25am on Friday morning, Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, told TMZ.

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Crash scene: 'Macho Man' Randy Savage dies in car crash 'after suffering heart attack at the wheel'

Under investigation: An autopsy is scheduled tomorrow on Savage's remains

Savage's wife Lynn Payne, whom he married last May, was a passenger in his 2009 Jeep Wrangler during the collision, but survived with 'minor injuries', according to TMZ.

She was transported to a different local hospital for treatment. An autopsy will be carried out this weekend.

Savage began his WWF career in 1985 and became famous for his catchphrase 'Ooh yeah!'

He is also well known for his deep, raspy voice and flashy attire, typically including sunglasses, a bandana or head band, flashy robes, and a cowboy hat.

Responded: Savage's wife of one year, Lynn Payne, was with him during the crash, and has been treated for 'minor injuries'

Fallen champ: As Macho Man, Savage won numerous pro wrestling titles in the WWF, WCW and WWE

Savage is also well known for his long-time endorsement of Slim Jim beef jerky, as he starred in many colourful TV commercials to promote the product.

A rep for Slim Jim told TMZ; 'We’re saddened by the loss. Randy was a beloved ambassador for the Slim Jim brand for many years and will be greatly missed.

'Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time'.

Fellow pro wrestler Hulk Hogan wrote on his Twitter page: 'I'm completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we've finally started to talk and communicate.

Colourful: Wrestling star Randy Savage was known for his high energy, raspy voice and brash style

Battling the Giant: Savage gets slammed against the ropes by Andre the Giant in 1989

Pitch man: For years, Savage starred in Slim Jim commercials

'He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him.

'We miss him a lot. I feel horrible about the ten years of having no communication. This was a tough one'.

Savage had married his first wife, Elizabeth Ann Hulette, in December 1984.

Ms Hulette managed his career for several years, although they divorced in 1992.
Ms Hulette was found dead in the home of professional wrestler Lex Luger in 2003, from a reported drug overdose.

In an interview that year, Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, said the wrestler felt that his ex-wife brought about her own death due to drug use.

Saddened: Fellow wrestler and friend Hulk Hogan says he hadn't spoken to Savage in a decade, until they recently reconnected. Right, Savage puts Hogan in a headlock at Wrestlemania V in 1989 in Atlantic City

Born Randall Mario Poffo, Savage held twenty championships during his pro wrestling career and is a seven-time world champion, one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, two-time WWF Champion, four-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and one-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE named Savage 'the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time' and said he brings 'a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances'.

Savage's father, Angelo Poffo, was a well-known wrestler in the 1950s and 1960s, and was featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! for his ability to do sit-ups for hours on end.

Randy's brother Lanny was also a wrestler, who performed under the names 'Leaping Lanny Poffo' and 'The Genius'.

After college, Randy did a stint as a minor league baseball outfielder for the St.

Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox farm systems.

In 1974, Savage left baseball to pursue wrestling full time. His first name in the ring was 'The Spider Friend'.

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