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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Riot boy's family is kicked out of home: Suspected looter and his mother are the first to be punished with eviction


Daniel Sartain-Clarke, pictured with his girlfriend J-Neil Starkei, has been served with an eviction notice after being charged with violent disorder

A suspected looter in this week’s riots and his mother are being thrown out of their council home.

In the first case of its kind, Daniel Sartain-Clarke, 18, and his mother have been served with an eviction notice as council bosses seek to turf them out of their £225,000 taxpayer-subsidised flat.

Sartain-Clarke is charged with violent disorder and attempting to steal electronic goods from the Currys store at Clapham Junction, South London, on Monday night.

Evicted: His mother Maite de la Calva, left, says she and daughter Revecca will have nowhere to go if thrown out of their Battersea council flat, pictured on the right

Under housing rules his mother – as the tenant – can be evicted from their two-bedroom flat in Battersea if anyone living there is involved in criminality.

There is likely to be a flood of similar cases as council leaders across England respond to public demands that looters face the toughest penalties possible.
In another day of dramatic developments:

Couple: Sartain-Clarke and Starkei are currently both in custody after this week's riots

Sartain-Clarke was arrested after more than 100 looters went on the rampage on Monday night. For two hours, the mob ransacked mobile phone stores and sports shops such as Foot Locker and JD Sports.

He appeared before magistrates in Battersea on Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to burglary and violent disorder. He and two co-defendants were remanded in custody.

source: dailymail


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