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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

They’ll never find me in here: Chinese boy trapped for three hours after squeezing into 6-inch gap


It seemed like such a good idea at the time: the youngster waits to be rescued

It would seem like the perfect hiding place in a youngster's game of hide and seek.

However, an innocent game could have taken a turn for the worse when a little boy from Daye in central China's Hubei Province ended up trapped in the gap between two walls for three hours.

The gap was a tiny 15cm wide and between two five-storey buildings.
The boy, who has not been named, squeezed into the gap to hide but then found that he couldn't get free again.

Tight squeeze: A view highlighting how narrow his hiding place was

His friends and passers-by attempted to release him but eventually, after the boy had been stuck for two hours, firefighters were called.

In order to release the boy firefighters had to enter one of the buildings and break a hole in the wall near to where the youngster was trapped. He was eventually freed after three hours and was found to be uninjured.

source: dailymail


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