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Monday, August 8, 2011

A fine line from fiasco: Moment daredevil acrobat slipped during record-breaking tightrope walk between two balloons


Walking along: Aishan begins his record attempt

Chinese acrobat Saimaiti Aishan, 27, set a new national record while preparing for a world record attempt at 650 feet above the ground.

Aishan, the nephew of Adili Wuxor, who is better known as 'Prince of the Tightrope', proved that the skill runs in the family after completing the feat in front of a packed crowd.

But not without losing his balance and falling from the rope.

High walk: Aishan walks across the 15-metre-long tightrope

Free falling: Aishan almost falls off the tightrope, tethered to two hot-air balloons 100ft off the ground

He had to pause for a break after losing his balance, and experiencing difficulties with his balancing pole.

Then he almost fell off while celebrating.

While Aishan completed one crossing at 100 feet, he failed to cross at 328 feet, which is just half the height he is preparing to conquer in his bid to claim a fourth Guinness World Record.

The record attempt took place in China's Hunan Province on Saturday.

Tightrope stunt goes wrong

source: dailymail


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