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Monday, August 8, 2011

Aeroplane created using a 3D printer in world first: Scientists build aircraft with 100mph max speed


Ground-breaking: The plane was produced by a 3D printer - but can still go up to 100mph

This plane is the first in the world to be created using the groundbreaking new technology of '3D printing'.

The aircraft was built using only a computer - but it can get up to a speed of 100mph and has a two-metre wingspan.

It was produced using a special nylon laser printer that builds up an item layer-by-layer.

Assembly: The plane's components snap together so that no other fasteners are needed

The parts were made separately and attached using a 'snap fit' technique so the aircraft could be put together without tools in minutes.

No fasteners at all were used in the manufacture of the plane.

The breakthrough by the team of engineers from the University of Southampton's Computational Engineering and Design Research group could revolutionise aircraft manufacture.

Unmanned and electrically powered, the plane can cruise in near silence and is also equipped with a miniature autopilot system.

Lift-off: The plane contains an autopilot system so that it can fly itself

source: dailymail


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