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Monday, July 18, 2011

Queen invites Kate to Balmoral for a getting-to-know-you family holiday with the in-laws

By Daily Mail Reporter

The Queen has invited the Duchess of Cambridge to Balmoral to 'get to know her', Royal author Ingrid Seward has claimed.

Kate's wedding to Prince William earlier this year was seen as a triumph, while her recent tour of Canada as a royal bride was internationally hailed a great success.

But now the Duchess of Cambridge faces what might be her toughest challenge yet - a family holiday with her new in-laws.

Goodbye to all that: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, seen leaving LAX airport, are set to join the Royal Family at Balmoral this summer

She is expected to join the Royals later this summer on their annual trip to Scotland.

It is customary for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to spend several weeks on their Balmoral estate every August and September.

Usually they are joined at Birkhall on the estate by Prince Charles and Camilla and they are frequently all seen together at the Braemar Highland Games.

Now palace aides have confirmed Kate is likely to join her new family on part of their Scottish visit.

Glamour: The Duchess of Cambridge is leaving the glitz behind to spend a holiday with her new in-laws

As well as the magnificent Deeside landscape of mountains, lochs and glens, the former Miss Middleton can also look forward to joining in royal picnics, home-cinema evenings with the Queen and the family barbecues where Prince Philip insists on personally cooking the sausages and steaks himself.

Insiders say the get-together will also finally allow the Queen to spend some time with Kate and get to know her better.

Ms Seward said the forthcoming family holiday in Scotland would also allow Kate to meet all the staff at Balmoral in preparation for her possible future role as mistress of the house.

Ms Seward, editor in chief of Majesty, said: 'This is quite an important visit for Kate because, believe it or not, the Queen does not really know her very well at all.

'Kate has never had an invitation before to stay at Balmoral - but she is family now and the Queen wants to get to know her.

Laughter: The Queen and Prince of Wales enjoy the Braemar Highland Games

'It is an important visit in many ways - not least because the Queen will want Kate to meet all the staff - one day she will be responsible for them.

'There will be a three-line whip on to introduce her to everyone.

'The Queen needs to present Kate to Scotland. The time has come.'

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke with royal tradition by not spending some part of their honeymoon at Balmoral - unlike the Queen herself, Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

However, the newlyweds are no strangers to the neighbourhood. When Kate and Wills were both students at St Andrews, they frequently used the Royal estate as a retreat, sharing an estate cottage called Tam-na-Ghar during their breaks from university.

Latterly they have tended to stay at Birkhall, Prince Charles' Scottish home.

However, their forthcoming visit is likely to see Kate staying in the 'big house' at Balmoral Castle for the first time.

Newlyweds: The Prince and Princess of Wales on the estate - but Diana was said to have 'ended up hating' Balmoral

Ms Seward explained: 'I think she and William will be expected to stay some of the time at the big house - and perhaps a night or two at their cottage.

'Balmoral can be an ordeal for Royal brides. Diana ended up hating it, she loathed it. Not Scotland - just Balmoral.

'She hated the cold, the wet and the formality. She could not bear all those picnics. You have got to like yomping across the heather.

'In contrast Koo Stark, Prince Andrew's old girlfriend, and the Duchess of York loved it.

'But Kate knows Scotland and is a big walker and outdoor girl. It is also William's favourite place.'

A Royal source confirmed that William and Kate are expected to be going to Balmoral this summer.

'It is likely to be around the end of August, but the dates may change because of William's shift patterns as an RAF search and rescue pilot,' he said.

Happy: The Queen riding at Balmoral in the 1960s

'I think everybody at Balmoral is excited and looking forward to welcoming the young married couple to what will one day be their responsibility.

'One thing for sure is that they both love the estate and Scotland. It is where they met and fell in love.'

William and Kate are expected to attend the Edinburgh wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall on July 30 - which coincides with Balmoral closing its doors to tourists for the year the following day.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh may head to Balmoral after their granddaughter's wedding - and stay at Craigowan Lodge on the estate while the main house is made ready.

'They will stay on the Deeside estate until early October.

A spokesman for Clarence House said: 'William and Catherine are now spending time as a married couple on Anglesey. We cannot comment on their future private time.'



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