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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The TV advert that talks to your DOG! Pet food firm uses sounds humans can't hear to make Fido sit up and take notice

By Emma Reynolds

If you already think your pet is a fussy eater, be prepared for an even pickier pooch as pet food makers have launched a TV ad only dogs can hear.

Nestle has made an advert using a high-pitched sound, like a dog whistle, which is beyond human hearing range.

The commercial, which also includes an audible squeak like the sound of a dogs’ toy, will be screened for the first time in Austria this week.

His master's voice: Adverts will now target your dog with sounds beyond the range of human hearing

Nestle said in a statement that the idea came from an award-winning campaign in Germany that featured 'sniffable' posters to attract dogs.

The company is one of the world's biggest makers of pet food, with its Petcare division accounting for almost 12 per cent of the firm's revenue.

The 23-second advert Beneful dog food was created using the help of U.S. experts in pet behaviour, who researched what would appeal to dogs.

'The television commercial aims to reach both the pet and the owner, supporting the special one-to-one relationship between them,' said Xavier Perez, brand manager for Beneful in Europe.

Puppy power: Dogs may be putting the pressure on their owners after they see the Nestle adverts

Barking: Nestle are hoping to persuade people to buy their pet food with the high-pitched sounds

The advert shows a dogs pricking up its ears and ends with the words 'So delicious, so healthy, so happy' in German.

Georg Sanders, a nutrition expert at Nestle Purina PetCare in Germany, said: 'Dogs' hearing is twice as sharp as humans.

'They can pick up frequencies which are beyond our range and they are better at differentiating sounds.'

Nestle’s Petcare division have this year reported first-half sales of £3.4billion.



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