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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are they Shoal-in monks? The taekwondo-performing divers who practice their martial art among the fishes


I make this look easy: A diver surrounded by sardines performs taekwondo during a performance for visitors at the Coex Aquarium in Seoul

There must be easier places to perform taekwondo - underwater and surrounded by sardines is perhaps not one of them.

Divers at the Coex Aquarium in Seoul are taking the martial art one step, impressing visitors with their graceful technique and apparent comfort at performing in such an unusual setting.

Taekwondo combines combat techniques, self-defence, sport, exercise, and in some cases meditation and philosophy

Taekwondo, South Korea's national sport, usually sees practitioners breaking wooden boards, bricks or tiles, but perhaps it was time for a new approach.

The show is running daily and will continue throughout the summer season.
Wonder what they'll come up with next year?

Two divers liven up the action while the sardines carry on with their business

A diver, wearing a chef uniform, lies back and takes it all in

source: dailymail


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