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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Naked woman, 27, rescued from cliffs after getting stuck trying to reach nudist beach


Nowhere to go: A 27-year-old climber was caught on the bluffs in the buff and had to be rescued by lifeguards on Tuesday

A naked woman had to be rescued by lifeguards yesterday after she got stuck trying to climb down cliffs to a secluded nudist beach.

She had taken off her clothes before trying to clamber 450ft down to Black's Beach, which lies in Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego, California.

But the 27-year-old got into difficulties and found herself stranded on a ledge unable to climb back up or head down to the shoreline.

At last! A female coastguard is lowered down the rock face to help rescue the woman - and save her blushess

Her blushes were saved around 15 minutes later when a mystery wellwisher spotted the woman perched precariously on the cliff face and called 911.

Officials believe a paraglider could have spotted the woman, as she could not be seen from the top of the cliff face.

When emergency crews arrived they sent down a female lifeguard with some borrowed clothes.

Nearly there: The naked woman and the lifeguard are gently winched down to the beach for her to collect her clothes

A series of photos from a video taken by Fox show the lifeguard standing over the naked woman and strapping her into a harness first, before helping her into a pair of trousers.

The woman and her rescuer were then gently lowered down to the beach - where she had thrown her clothes before starting the naked climb - using a rope pulley system.

After she got dressed she made her way gingerly back up a safe path to the top of the cliff where she had left her car. She suffered only minor injuries, scraping both knees.

Safe at last: The woman finally gets all her clothes back on just before she gets ticketed by officers for ignoring signs and entering a restricted area

Lieutenant Greg Buchanan told NBC the woman would not be charged, but had been ticketed for disregarding signs warning about the sheer and unstable cliffs, using a path that is not a marked trail and entering a restricted area.

Officials said climbers often get stuck in Torrey Pines, but they rarely choose the path the woman tried to follow.

Lt Buchanan said: '[She got into] a spot where she really couldn’t go up, down or sideways. So that’s a little bit unusual. Beyond that, everything else was just a classic cliff rescue.

Destination: Black's Beach, in Torrey Pines State Park, is a well-known nudist beach. Laws against public nudity are not enforced along a section of the beach

But he did admit yesterday's events were rather more unusual than the 'classic' rescue.

He told NBC: 'That’s true. She is naked. But she had clothes on the cliff and so she has since retrieved her clothes and she now has her clothes back on.'

Black's Beach is popular with nudists and has been considered a 'clothing optional' spot for years, as laws against public nudity are rarely enforced.


source: dailymail


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