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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoppers' shock as man proposes in mall food court... and is REJECTED

By Anna Edwards

Not quite the reaction he was looking for: Shocked shoppers seem happier about the proposal than 'Caroline'

This romantic had clearly put in a lot of effort to propose to his girlfriend.

He had picked out the ring, rehearsed a song, practised a touching speech and had even took his beloved back to the place where they met so he could pop the question.

But as he met her outside a fast food shop in a shopping mall, perhaps he should have guessed that getting down on bended knee in front of whooping shoppers might not strike quite the right note.

Sweet Caroline: The romantic Romeo serenades his girlfriend outside Cinnabon as he proposes with the help of a guitarist

In a video posted by a bystander on YouTube the man startles his (possibly now ex) girlfriend by proposing to her in front of gleeful customers in the food court section of the fashion mall, named as Sherman Oaks Galleria in Los Angeles.

The dejected romantic declares to the girl - named as Caroline - just how much he loves her and why they must be together.

'We met one year ago right in front of this Cinnabon,' he begins.

'I was dizzy in your presence, Caroline.

'I love everything about you... I love how you curl up next to me on the sofa and purr like a kitten.

'Make me the most happiest and dizzy man in the world.'

Painful proposal: The girl looks mortified as her boyfriend gets down on one knee to pop the question

Heartbroken: The well-meaning romantic is left alone and forlorn after his girlfriend flees

He is joined by a guitarist, who accompanies him as he bursts into song, serenading the panicking girl with Neil Diamond's classic song 'Sweet Caroline'.

But despite his heartfelt sentiments and the ogling shoppers who shout at her to accept, 'Caroline', whose hands have been clamped over her mouth in shock since he started his proposal and murmuring 'Oh my God, what are you doing?' at him, looks around the centre and decides to dash out.

The young man is left heartbroken, surrounded by shocked shoppers who snap pictures of him and try to console the rejected Romeo with 'that was brutal' and 'it's alright, man, it's alright.'

Hopefully next time the young man will opt to propose in a slightly more secluded setting.



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