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Monday, May 9, 2011

'He tries to portray he's a fantastic family man. I don't think a family man sleeps with escorts'

By Daily Mail Reporter

-Twitter user who leaked names doubles followers to 40,000 in the space of a couple of hours

Former prostitute Helen Wood gave a revealing interview to BBC Radio 5 Live's Victoria Derbyshire where she spoke out against injunctions

The farce surrounding super-injunctions deepened this morning after former prostitute Helen Wood gave a revealing interview on national radio.

She said that she was disgusted that a married actor who portrays himself as 'a fantastic family man' can keep his reputation while women involved were named.

Miss Wood, 24, who reportedly had sex with Wayne Rooney and another call girl before England's World Cup campaign last summer, added that she found it unfair that 'rich men' could basically pay to prevent their private lives from being brought out in public.

Speaking on Radio 5 Live the morning after the names of people involved in super-injunctions were released on Twitter - some of them falsely - she said that the website makes a mockery of gagging orders.

Miss Wood disclosed that she was paid 'more than £15,000' for a story about having sex with Rooney but when asked if she was paid a six figure sum she said she 'was not willing to disclose' the exact sum.

However, she did say she no longer works as an escort and is going to set up her own business.

Speaking about the revelations on Twitter - some of which are untrue - she said: 'Injunctions have been put there for a purpose. Obviously I don't agree with them and I am certainly not a fan of them by any means, but to publicise them like that on Twitter without actual proof... I think they are doing the wrong thing.'

When asked if she thought it made a mockery of the law on injunctions she said: 'Yes I do, actually, because Twitter is a social website, it is a network, isn't it? It is basically for just everyday people as well as celebrities.

'So I think when somebody like a judge has made a formal decision and then it is gone and broadcasted all over something as petty as Twitter, it is absolutely ridiculous. It has made them look like a complete joke.'

However, she appears to be against injunctions generally, saying: 'I think it's setting a really bad example.

'It's basically saying a man - it seems it's men that do get protected - if you've got the money you can protect your name.

'They can behave exactly how they want to behave, provided they have got the money.'
Talking to interviewer Victoria Derbyshire about one of the men named on the Twitter site Miss Wood said: 'He tries to give this persona across that he is some fantastic family man.

'I don't think that a family man sleeps with escorts.'

On one man who she alleges has injunctions against three girls, she said: ‘There’s a list as long as my arm that I know that have injunctions against girls that are going on now.

‘I have absolutely no idea why they haven’t got leaked to the media.

‘One person in particular that has three different injunctions going on involving three different women…. no I’m not one of the women involved.'

She goes on to say that there have been consequences for her and her seven-year-old son, Jack, after she sold the Rooney story.

'He is not at all aware, he has not got a clue what's been going on. It's the only thing that really really hurts me... I do think it's getting to the point where everybody seems to know everything, as well as a load of rubbish as well.

'I don't expect him to forgive me for it because I do expect him to get a lot of stick for it. But all I can do is be honest with him. He deserves to know the truth. I do get scared that people will say remarks to him.

'I don't want to be seen as someone who is smug. I don't really go out any more. I don't want to go out there and someone throw a glass in my face. I've brought all that on myself. I'm going to places where people don't notice me.

‘I do have to leave the house yeah, (collecting my son) is probably the worst thing, because everybody knows what I’ve done.

'I know what people are thinking and how they are looking at me, but what can I do? What’s done is done.'

Her revelations also had an impact on her relationship with her parents. She said: 'My father I feel very bad for, especially because of his profession. He is a piano teacher and university lecturer... I am embarrassed about it... I don't really speak to my parents, I'm not family orientated whatsoever... it was selfish of me to do these things... people are more embarrassed that I'm part of their family... I do understand that but I'm not a family orientated person.'



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