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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free-runners in Downing Street: Performers get through gates and perform in Number 10 while Cameron is away at Tory conference


As politicians decamp around the country for the annual party conferences, their palatial Westminster residences have been left empty.

And this young athlete is making the most of it - by pulling off a spectacular backflip inside 10 Downing Street.

Chima Akenzua, 21, was joined by another free-runner, as well as a pair of boxers and four public speakers, in the Prime Minister's home.

Athletic: Chima Akenzua, 21, performs an amazing backflip in the historic setting of 10 Downing Street

The event, which was held while David Cameron was in Manchester at the Conservative Party conference, was organised by charity somewhereto_, which helps young people find space for creative activities.

Chima and 17-year-old Karol Michta are both enthusiasts of free-running, a sport which involves moving through the urban landscape using inventive acrobatic methods.

The pair took full advantage of Number 10's staircases, tables and walls to show off their talents.

Risky: Fearless Karol Michta launches himself off the landing next to portraits of former Prime Ministers

Air he goes: Michta comes in for a safe landing on the Prime Minister's rug

Into the garden: The initiative was organised by somewhereto_, a charity which finds venues for young people's creative activities

Chima, from North London, said: 'The whole objective of freerunning is to make use of everyday architecture.

'We're constantly looking for new places to unleash our skills and it was great to get a unique opportunity to use Downing Street. I'm really happy with what I achieved.'

Also at Downing Street were boxers Wesley Washington and Ryan Hutchings, who took part in an energetic sparring session in the State Drawing Room.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: 'Somewhereto_ is a fantastic initiative to help young people find the space they need to develop their passions.

'If Ten Downing Street can open its doors to something as adventurous as free running I hope it will inspire other people to see what their building could be used for.'

He's not sitting on the fence: Michta is airborne in the Downing Street garden once again

Given the key to the door: The free-runners were joined by sparring boxers and four public speakers

In a spin: Michta and Akenzua made for an acrobatic Downing Street double act



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