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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg buys his very first home three years after becoming world's youngest billionaire

By John Stevens

Sold: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is thought to have bought this $7 million mansion in Palo Alto, California as his first ever home

With a staggering fortune of $13.5 billion, you would have thought Mark Zuckerberg would have learnt how to splash the cash long before now.

But more than three years after he became the world’s youngest ever self-made billionaire, the Facebook founder has finally got around to buying his very first house.

He has treated himself to a $7 million five bedroom home in Palo Alto, California, just days before his 27th birthday.

The house is believed to be a 5,617 square-feet property in the Crescent Park neighbourhood is a convenient 10 minute drive from Facebook’s new offices in Menlo Park.

Until now the computer genius has been living in a relatively modest two-storey house on a street that neighbours described as ‘absolutely average’.

Mr Zuckerberg will share his new house with his girlfriend of seven years, Priscilla Chan, who some observers have speculated he could soon become engaged to.

The century home with its outdoor walls and trees will offer much more privacy than his current 3,800 square-foot rented house.

The previous owners, who are reportedly still living in the house, have given the 1903 property an overhaul ready for Mr Zuckerberg’s arrival.

An entertainment pavilion with outdoor fireplace and built-in barbeque has been added along with a salt water swimming pool and spa.

Mr Zuckerberg is not expected to move into his new abode for several more months.

According to information from the estate agent, a wide rocking chair porch at the front of home leads to an impressive entrance hall and reception area.

There is a large living room, with a banquet hall sized dining room and wood-panelled family room. The large kitchen opens into a glass sun porch. The house has five bathrooms.

Old house: Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has been living in a two-storey rented house on a street that neighbours describe as 'absolutely average'

Unremarkable: One of the other rented homes that Mark Zuckerberg has lived in since moving to Palo Alto, California

Mr Zuckerberg has lived in Palo Alto, California almost continuously since he moved Facebook to Silicon Valley straight from his Harvard dorm room in 2004.

Despite the great success of the site, which now has 600 million members, the New York dentist’s son has always lived in rented houses until now.

Tyler Winklevoss, one of the Harvard twins who claim Mr Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook, was quoted as describing him as ‘the poorest rich person I’ve ever seen in my life’.

Even with the move to the larger mansion, Mr Zuckerberg’s home is still dwarfed those of his Silicon Valley rivals.

Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison’s house is 8,000 square-feet and Microsoft founder Bill Gates lives in a home that is an impressive 66,000 square-feet.



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