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Friday, March 16, 2012

'With a bit of luck someone will poison her’: Fans issue threats to vain Come Dine With Me host who put paper bag over ‘ugly’ contestant’s head

By Amy Oliver

Angry fans have let their fury boil over after a Come Dine With Me contestant put a bag over another host's head.

Some issued death threats against Kathryn Hoskisson, 48, who made 'ugly' Jason Howitt wear the paper bag during this week's show recorded in Blackpool.

Housewife Mrs Hoskisson then boasted of her own good looks admitting she loved herself 'because I think I'm very attractive'.

She added: 'If you give me an ugly person on the table I’d love it because I’d just feel so superior.'

Meant as a joke: Kathryn Hoskisson, left, has received death threats after putting a paper bag over fellow contestant Jason Howitt's, right, head during an episode of Come Dine With Me

Fans of the Channel 4 show reacted angrily and took to the web to air their views.

One said they wished they could 'knock her unconscious' while another said: 'With a bit of luck someone will poison her before the week is out.'

Another wrote how Mrs Hoskisson needed a 'damn good slapping'.

The comments have since been taken down, but others are still visible on the show's Facebook page.

One called Mrs Hoskisson 'a vile bully' adding: 'If she lived by me i would let her know what a t**t she is.'

Insulting: Mrs Hoskisson, who said Mr Howitt was 'the most unattractive man I'd ever seen' handed him the bag with cut-out eye holes

Another quipped how 'Asda are having Kathryn halloween masks made up'.

On meeting Mr Howitt, the mother-of-four had labelled him 'the most unattractive man I'd ever seen'. She then shocked her fellow contestants by handing him the bag with cut-out eye holes during his own dinner party.

Later she claimed the stunt had been just her 'northern brand of humour'. But her fellow contestants were not so amused.

Jason Fubar said he had been shocked by the stunt. 'How disrespectful is that? I had to grab it (the bag) off him and throw it at her. I was like how dare you. It's absolutely disgusting,' he added.

Disrespectful: Angry fans branded Mrs Hoskisson a 'bully' and one said: 'With a bit of luck someone will poison her before the week is out'

Not amused: Fellow contestants Jason Fubar, left, and Paula Paradaema, right, spoke of their shock at paper-bag-gate branding it 'too far' and 'disrespectful'

While Paula Paradaema said: 'If Kathryn had done that to me I would have put it back on her head and said: "have you ever looked in the mirror?" It was too far.'

During her own dinner party Mrs Hoskisson didn't eat her starter and described her cold rice pudding desert as 'repulsive'. She was more interested in looking good than cooking a good meal, she said.

She had dressed up as a school girl for the occasion and had admired herself in the mirror saying: 'Looking good... as usual.'

After nicknaming Mr Howitt a 'garden gnome' before giving her other guests nasty names on a blackboard she later told viewers: I just don't like them. Any of them.'

Nasty: During her own dinner party Mrs Hoskisson gave each of her guests nasty nicknames and branded Mr Howitt a 'garden gnome'

A Channel 4 spokesman told MailOnline: 'We take the welfare of contributors seriously, and the production team remain in regular contact with them.

'Come Dine With Me is an established, light-hearted show and contributors know what to expect when taking part.'

Mrs Hoskisson was not immediately available for comment but her Facebook page reveals she is friends with Mr Howitt.

Viewers will find out who wins the £1,000 in today's episode.



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