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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pictured: The terrified tomcat speared through his torso by an arrow

By Lee Moran

A terrified tomcat roamed the streets for several days - with an arrow pierced through his torso.

The ginger moggy, now dubbed Cupid, was speared by a bolt that tore right through his muscles and one shoulder blade.

Miraculously the stray survived because it did not hit any of his vital organs.

Scroll down to see the video....

Injured: Cupid the ginger cat was shot with a crossbow but miraculously survived after it did not hit any of his vital organs

Painful: Cupid was treated at the Brittmore Animal Hospital and will now be put up for adoption

Residents in east Houston, Texas, took him to Brittmore Animal Hospital so the weapon could be removed.

He is now recuperating at animal rescue group Purr Paws, who has said he will be put up for adoption once he is fully fit.

The group's Trudy Bennett told KHOU-TV: 'It was just a shock to see the arrow – it went totally through his body.

'My worst fear is some parent gave their kids bow and arrows for Christmas, and they’re out there not knowing what they’re doing without any training, and this is the result.

Terrified: Cupid roamed the streets for several days until he was taken to a vets to be treated

'He was terrified. The fact that he’s still trusting people – because, you know, cats usually take a little bit of time to trust people.

'And he went through a whole lot, and he’s still trusting and loving. He just wants to be loved on.'



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