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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot-headed stag gets the ultimate cold shower as he plummets down a waterfall protecting his harem of females

Rescuers winch animal to safety after he gets stranded in freezing river

By Kerry Mcqueeney

A rescuer risks his life by lying on the ice as he attaches the winch rope to the stag

When this hot-headed stag tried to protect his harem of females in the Austrian Alps, he didn't bank on getting the ultimate cold shower treatment.

The beast was patrolling the banks of a river when he took a tumble and fell down a waterfall.

Stranded and exhausted, the animal was eventually spotted by skiers close to the mountain resort of Dienten am Hochkonig.

Rescue operation: Fire fighters were among those who helped winch the stag from the foot of the waterfall

Trapped: The stag had been protecting his harem when he fell down the waterfall

Freezing temperatures: Mountain rescue experts, firemen, and vets helped winch the stag to safety

A rescue operation was then mounted to get the stag back up to the riverbank - and back to his harem of females.

One rescue worker said: 'He'd been patrolling his territory and became trapped in the river at the top of the waterfall. Then he broke free only to fall to the bottom of the waterfall.

'He was very tired but not badly hurt.'

Mountain rescue experts, firemen, and vets helped winch the stag to safety to prevent him from dying of exposure.

A fire fighter added: 'He was very cold and a bit sorry for himself but will soon be back to his old self.'

Safe and sound: The stag was cold and 'a bit sorry for himself' but is expected to make a full recovery

Precarious: The stag had been patrolling his territory only to fall to the bottom of the waterfall



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