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Saturday, December 3, 2011

S*** my kids ruined: How one mom's hilarious anecdotes turned into best-selling book

By Daily Mail Reporter

It is a scene every parent will recognise: Favourite possessions wrecked by smiling and oblivious children.

Hilarious images of mobile phones dumped down toilets, pets covered in paint, and laptops broken beyond repair are part of a hit website called 'S*** my Kids Ruined'.

Put together two years ago by exasperated mother, Julie Haas Brophy, from Irvington, New York, the website has become a forum for humorous family mishaps.

Oh no! 'iPod Touch + open bathroom door = a hard lesson learned' says Tiffany, who submitted this photo

Now, 'S*** my Kids Ruined' has also been turned into a best-selling book.

'It began when I was working on some craft projects and stupidly left a can of black paint unattended around my two year old son,' said Ms Haas Brophy.

'I came back into the room to find the paint had been spilled over our rug and my little boy none the wiser to what he had done.

'I photographed the image and sent it to my husband Paul to say: 'Can you believe this?' and then I put the image on Facebook to show my friends.'

Eggselent toys: 'My plans to make frittata...' says Amanda, who caught her son egg-handed

IT malfunction: 'Maybe it's a Crayola washable marker, you might wonder. Nope. That would be a big, fat, wedge-tip Permanent marker' says one long-suffering mother

She went on: 'The response I got back was incredible. Many of my friends had had similar experiences and that got me thinking.

'So that same day I registered the domain name of 'S*** my Kids Ruined' and started the website.

'It snowballed so fast and by the end of June 2010, there was a book with Random House being planned.'

You missed a spot: In the photo that started the website, mother Julie Haas Brophy left her two-year-old boy alone for minutes to return to this black paint spillage

Computer says no: 'I left my two year old alone for less than ten minutes to put my other one down for a nap. Bad idea,' said Shelby

It is designed to be a place where frustrated and amused mums and dads can go to share their anecdotes.

'It is only supposed to be a funny website,' said Ms Haas Brophy.

'The site does not seek to emphasise blame, but seeks to help parents cope with frustration through laughter.

It's all in the delivery...: One anonymous submission saw a car bonnet finely, indelibly, scratched with a very sweet message

Dye job: A mother explains her green cat... 'My almost two-year-old daughter coloured Smoosh the kitten when I was in the shower'

'Thousands of parents have emailed me to say "thank you" for the website.

'They write that they thought that it was only them that encountered these sorts of problems and it was their parenting skills that were at fault.'

Defining 'ruined' loosely, Ms Haas Brophy says it can mean anything from a car crashed by a first time learner driver, to the physical effects that having children can have on mothers and fathers themselves.

Horse-play: The poor pony will never be the same after children used its fair flank as a canvas

Buzzcuts and temper tantrums: One almost-four-year-old demonstrates how not to use clippers , while an iPhone becomes an iBroken after a two-year-old is refused permission to watch more TV

'We've had parents send in a picture of a circled date on a calendar that the parents simply say was ruined by their kids acting up or breaking something,' said Ms Haas Brophy.

'It is a sharing website and something parents all go through.

'We are looking to relaunch with a video component which will allow parents to really reveal the damage done.'

Barking mad: 'Yes, that is purple paint all over a Chihuahua' says JG, whose kids gave the family pet an image make-over

'I said peanut butter and JELLY, not peanut butter and TELLY!' Mom Celia says her nutty kids laid siege to the playroom TV

More images and tales from bemused parents are available at www.s***mykidsruined.com.



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