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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Awkward Christmas family photos (Part II): Feast on these outfits, cheesy grins and just plain wrong festive poses

By Daily Mail Reporter

A couple of crackers to kick off with: Families just going a tiny bit too far in pursuit of festive fun

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so the song goes.

But it can also be oddest, when families find themselves suddenly jammed into close proximity - with the pubs shut and nowhere to go.

As a result, it can lead to some pretty embarrassing moments, particularly when the time comes for the inevitable family photos.

A repeat offender, Mayor Jorge and his family pose with a penguin

These pictures, curated by the Awkward Family Photos website show how Christmas brings out the bizarre in people.

And fans of the site now have the chance to purchase two coffee table books published by its creators.

'I hate this': This little girl fails to get into the Christmas spirit, and who can blame her...

A family has taken desperate measures to make sure this young man gets into the festive spirit

It's Santa! It's Santa! It's Santa! Ooops... This poor youngster couldn't take the excitement of meeting the legendary present giver

The three little reindeer will never forget their happy Christmas childhood memories. Right, compared to yesteryear, people nowadays don't give a monkey's about Christmas

Bizarre: Dogs love Christmas too

Sssh! Santa's coming... to this girl's manic delight

The festive feasting has taken it's toll on the couple on the left, while the pair on the right are wishing everyone a merry hickmas, presumably

These guys aren't afraid of the cold - They aren't afraid of anything! Even a massive snowman looming behind them

The best presents: Are of course family love and happiness at this special time of year

Mine all mine! This girl is teaching her little sis' an important lesson: Respect your elders

Matching: This couple are breeding their own water polo team

Mayor Jorge Santini of San Juan, Puerto Rico, poses with his family in front of a taxidermied scene showing the brutality of the natural world. That's more like it on the right, with poses exposing the absurdity of the day

Third time lucky? Mayor Jorge strikes again

The question mark in the centre says it all about this posed picture

This pooch doesn't seem to sure about his Santa's hat but...

... these Jewish hounds are having a happy Hannukah

Despite the presence of Santa, the Christmas spirit has failed to reach this family of goths

Eeek! Father Christmas has really put the frighteners up this girl. But, right, this youngster is not interested at all



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