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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The truth behind Kate's scar: Duchess was 'hit on the head during a sporting accident and had an operation soon afterwards'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Composed: Attending a private charity dinner last night, Kate looked glamorous in a pale aqua Amanda Wakeley dress, but her half-up half-down hairstyle exposed a three inch scar just above her left ear

The utterly charming Duchess of Cambridge mesmerised guests as she hosted a black tie charity event in Clarence House last week.

But as photos emerged the following morning of Prince William's pretty wife, the media and public were mesmerised by something else, a three inch scar that ran up the side of Catherine's head just above her left ear.

We can now reveal that the scar is the result of a sporting accident from when the 29-year-old was at school at Malborough in Berkshire.

A spokesman for the Duchess at St James’s Palace immediately confirmed that the scar was the result of surgery that had taken place more than a decade before. ‘The scar related to a childhood operation,’ they said.

The palace declined to discuss what kind of operation. But senior royal sources confirmed that it had been ‘a very serious operation’ and declined to comment further.

However one of Kate's childhood friends has now revealed the truth behind the injury.
They told Grazia: 'Everyone knows Kate was sporty at school, and she told me how she had a sporting accident.

Kate's scar, the result of a sporting injury, was clearly visible on her temple, while right, William has what he calls his Harry Potter scar on his forehead, the result of being hit with a golf club when he was 13

Kate's scar was clearly visible on the side of her head in a photo taken earlier this year

'She was hit on the head when she was 14 or 15. Later, she was taken to hospital by her mother and had to have an operation. I can only presume the two were connected.

'There were whispers wondering if she might have had a brain tumour.'

But John Scurr, consultant surgeon at the Lister Hospital in London, said a tumour was unlikely.

‘I really doubt it was any serious medical condition,‘ he said.

Sporting injury: Kate Middleton, left, was on Malborough College's girls' hockey team - which is probably how she got the three inch scar in her hair

Model pupil: Kate, centre, back row, with the rest of the hockey team infront of her public school

‘It is remarkable, given the measurement, that no-one has noticed before.’

The accident is likely to have involved being hit on the heat by a hockey stick, as Kate was on Malborough School's team and played often. This makes her injury surprisingly similar to the one that left her husband with a 'Harry Potter scar'.

Prince William has a large zig-zag mark on his forehead as a result of being hit with a golf club when he was 13.

Kate looked slender in her beaded gown - which, unusually for the Duchess, who tends to cover up with either sleeves or small bolero, showed off her shoulders - as she chatted with the 30 guests at Clarence House

The Duchess was conducting her first solo engagement as a member of the Royal Family, standing in for her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

The Prince had been due to host a glitzy black-tie private dinner at Clarence House, his London residence, in aid of In Kind Direct, a charity he set up in 1996.

Unfortunately Charles was suddenly required to fly to Riyadh to present condolences to the Saudi Royal Family following the death of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. So he called his 'delightful daughter-in-law' and asked if she would step in.



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