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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dolphin in marine park 'was killed by noise from a two-day techno rave'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Shadow the dolphin died after becoming disoriented and distressed following the rave

Wildlife experts have accused a marine park of killing a dolphin after allowing a deafening rave to be held in the attraction just a few yards from the mammal's pool.

Shadow - an eight year old dolphin - was found dead after becoming disoriented and distressed following the huge techno event.

Campaigners had warned licensing authorities in Lipperswil, Switzerland, that the Connyland aquarium's dolphins could be affected by the stress of being so close to the event.

However the Veterinary Office from the regional authority argued the facility where it would take place was built in such a way that the noise from outside would not disturb the dolphins.

The campaigners claim the party which lasted two days is thought to have affected the dolphins immune system - which in turn led to the death of Shadow.

Animal activists from Germany and Switzerland were at the site on the night of the rave and protested against what they saw was cruelty towards the animals.

The dolphin enclosure at Connyland in Switzerland

Animal activists from the German organisations ProWal and The Whale and Dolphin Protection Society recorded the sound and found the vibrations from the noise could be felt outside of the park, and within earshot of the dolphins.

Andreas Morlok from Prowal said: 'We recorded noise levels of over 100 decibels outside of the park and away from the party area. We know the party took place close to the dolphin enclosure.

Noisy students at a rave in Trafalgar Square

'The sound levels which would have been heard by the dolphins is comparable with that of a pneumatic drill on top volume. Before the event we warned of these noise levels and the damage which could be done and called for the event to be called off.

A few days after the event Shadow became very agitated. The trainer tried to calm Shadow down, but just minutes later Shadow stopped breathing and then his heart stopped beating.'

Eight-year-old Shadow in happier times

OceanCare pressure group president Sigrid Luber said: 'It is unacceptable for the well-being of animals to be sacrificed in favour of profits with the blessing of the authorities.

This is the seventh dolphin to die in this amusement park in only three years. It is completely unacceptable.'

Jurgen Ortmuller from the Whale and Dolphin Protection Society claimed: 'We have reasonable evidence to suggest that the extreme noise levels from the two day techno party severely affected the immune system of the dolphins. Dolphins are very sensitive creatures. We warned against a techno party taking place in this location for these very reasons.'

Connyland - which denies any wrong doing - has asked for an autopsy on the dolphin to establish the cause of death.

Connyland's own vet said: 'I was there and the noise would not have affected the animals. You could hardly hear anything. Connyland takes the care of its animals very seriously and they are looked after very well.'



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