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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who would do this to a dog? Police hunt cruel thug who spray-painted bull terrier PINK

-Two-year-old dog has been nicknamed Neon by animal home staff
-Jaws tied together before being daubed in paint
-He will be rehomed after his wounds have healed and colour has faded

By Rob Cooper

Paint attack: The two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier had his jaw tied shut before being sprayed with pink and purple paint. He was found in Coventry

Police are hunting a thug who spray-painted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier bright pink.
The young male dog - who has since been named Neon - is thought to have been stolen, attacked and them dumped.

The bull terrier's jaws were been tied together before he was daubed with pink and purple paint.

Police discovered the animal, aged around two or three, wandering the streets in Coventry. He was handed over to a dogs' home where he has been cleaned up.

Darren Calveley, manager of Birmingham Dogs' Home where he is being looked after, said: 'The poor animal has been through so much caused by pure cruelty and abuse but has remained good natured and will require rehoming once his wounds have healed and has been given the all clear by our vet.'

He added that the dog - who is still not completely clean - was in a good condition despite the mis-treatment.

'The dog has been assessed and is understandably nervous at first, but once reassured he is extremely friendly and loves a fuss,' he said.

'Our canine carers have named him Neon and have very much fallen in love with his playful antics.

Julie Gallagher, Coventry City Council's lead animal welfare and pest controller, described the attack as 'incredibly stupid'.

Hunt: Police believe Neon may have been stolen before being attacked and dumped. He is being cared for at Birmingham Dogs Home.

'The injuries to his nose are quite fresh. Someone has obviously tied his nose up and sprayed his face,' she said.

'This is an incredibly stupid thing to do. The vet examined him and he's going to be OK though.

'Once his nose has healed a bit more the dogs' home will be able to give him a more thorough wash and get more of the paint off.

'It would've been really unpleasant to have paint sprayed directly into his face and in his eyes.

'Saying that we have had dogs in here with nail varnish and one dog that had his name spray-painted on one side and the owner's mobile phone number spray-painted on the other side.'

He was found at around midnight last Friday.

Anyone who recognises the dog is asked to contact Birmingham Dogs Home.



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