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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two princes and a piano: Adorable scenes as toddlers William and Harry tinkle the ivories in footage from 1985


Their piano skills may not be entirely fine-tuned, but this video shows adorable princes William and Harry enjoying family life in perfect harmony.

In the clip from 1985, the young brothers bang enthusiastically on the keys as they take part in a photo-shoot at Kensington Palace.

Watched on by a glowing Princess Diana and a proud Prince Charles, three-year-old William is encouraged to kiss his one-year-old sibling.

Scroll down for video

Making music: A giggling Prince Harry smiles for the camera as he clangs on the piano with brother William

A right royal duet: William and Harry were captured on film taking part in a photo-shoot at Kensington Palace in 1985

He is at first reluctant, but then lands a cheeky smacker on Harry's head to cheers from onlookers before pulling quickly away.

At one point, Charles is seen playing peekaboo with a handkerchief to encourage his children to look in the right direction for the camera.

Just like any other youngsters, the princes display an endearingly mischievous side - scampering away, hiding under tables and squirming out of their parents' arms.

Brotherly love: William kisses Harry's head, much to the delight of his parents and other onlookers

Peekaboo! Prince Charles plays with a handkerchief to encourage his children to look at the camera (above) then joins them at the piano (below)

Harry, who is just learning to walk, crawls over to photographer Tim Graham to get a closer look.

'Go on Harry, go get him!', someone, possibly Diana, calls out from behind the video camera.

The children are joined by Charles and Diana for a selection of family snaps. The late Princess of Wales radiates as she sits on the floor next to her boys.

Glowing: A radiant Princess Diana moves in front of the camera to be with the kids

A quick touch-up: William re-applies his mother's make up - and proved a dab hand

William even helps his mother re-do her make up as he lovingly dabs her face with a powder pad.

Perhaps it was upon seeing this picture of cuteness that made Kate Middleton go weak at the knees for her husband.

Still in unison 26 years on: Prince William arrives with Harry at Westminster Abbey before his marriage to Kate Middleton in April this year



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