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Saturday, October 8, 2011

One is not amused: Queen 'disapproves of Kate posing for Vogue cover’

By Maysa Rawi

The Duchess of Cambridge is said to have turned down an offer to appear in British Vogue, which would not have gone down well with The Queen

Rumour has it Anna Wintour is attempting to secure a photoshoot with the Duchess of Cambridge for the cover of Vogue.

And while gracing the pages of the fashion bible would do wonders for Kate's style credentials, it might not go down so well with her grandmother-in-law.

The Queen is said to be unimpressed with the idea - which could also explain why Kate reportedly turned down an offer of a British Vogue cover.

A Palace source told E!: 'Kate is keenly conscious that her new grandmother-in-law may not chide her for appearing on a Vogue cover.

'But she would definitely not be amused, and Her Majesty is a real genius at making people squirm with simply a look or a "tut, tut."'

Wintour is said to have contacted photographer-to-the-stars Mario Testino, who took the official engagements portraits of the Royal couple.

A source told the New York Post: 'Every magazine has been trying to get Kate, and many assume it will eventually be Vogue.

'But even with the Mario Testino relationship, it is not clear when this will happen. The Palace must approve it, and they are very protective of Kate.'

Kate often divides critics with her demure, polished dress sense and glossy long hair.

But despite everything she wears selling out within hours, the 29-year-old has never claimed to be interested in fashion.

The Palace source said: 'But both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon.

'That's not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them.'

But either way, she can definitely count Wintour as a fan, who said of the Duchess: 'She dresses her age and never looks out of place.'



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