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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunny boy! This lad's got a lot of (solar) flair as heatwave brings spectacular sunsets

By Hugo Gye

The recent heatwave has produced sunny scenes around the country, with flowers in bloom and beaches looking positively tropical.

But no less amazing are the spectacular sunrises and sunsets which have been seen in the last couples of days.

These extraordinary photographs show how the landscape has been transformed at dawn and dusk.

Rare opportunity: Youngsters like Thomas and Alex Kingston, pictured, can witness spectacular sunsets which would normally occur well past their bedtime

Dawn: A man walks through the morning mist on Hampstead Heath in north London this morning

Commute: Workers troop across London Bridge as they prepare for another sweltering day

Although there is no direct correlation between warm weather and beautiful sunsets, the lack of cloud cover means that the morning and evening sun has been more visible than it usually would be at this time of year.

And the shorter days mean that the late sunrise and early sunset are witnessed by millions on their way to and from work or school.

This is a rare opportunity for the likes of Thomas Kingston, six, and his five-year-old brother Alex, from County Durham.

They would usually be tucked up in bed when the sun sets, but now they can witness the beautiful scene for themselves, as shown above.

'Sunsets are old-fashioned': But those who witness these spectacular scenes might disagree with Oscar Wilde

A new day: The sun rises over Canary Wharf and London's Docklands

Isolated: A paddle boarder enjoys last night's sunset in south Devon

The Californian weather has also encouraged activities more associated with the West Coast of America than with Britain's south-west.

In Devon, hardy ocean-goers have been snapped surfing and paddleboarding against the backdrop of the red night sky.

Office workers probably don't feel as lucky, but London commuters still had the privilege of seeing the city's skyline in a unique dawn setting.

Oscar Wilde may have argued that 'sunsets are old-fashioned', but those who have witnessed the amazing scenes from last night would surely disagree.

Catch a wave: A Devon surfer takes advantage of the extraordinary Californian conditions

Walkies: A man and his dog enjoy the morning mist on Hampstead Heath

Skyline: From St Paul's to Canary Wharf, London presented quite a sight at dawn today



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