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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Proud to be pregnant: Bikini-clad mothers-to-be show of their bumps in expectant moms' pregnancy pageant


Expecting: The contestants reveal their baby bumps on stage at the pregnancy pageant in Houston, Texas

Beauty pageants are usually reserved for slim and single women years away from starting a family.

But these mothers-to-be in Houston, Texas, have shown that not all expectant moms want to be at home with their feet up in their final months of pregnancy.

The pregnant women got their kit off to proudly show of their burgeoning bumps, dancing, gyrating and even doing the splits on stage.
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Cheered on by the husband and boyfriends, the women revealed their pregnant bodies in 'Rod Ryan's 7th Annual Pre-Labor Day Pregnant Bikini Contest'.

Burgeoning: The women were cheered on by their husbands and boyfriends as they stripped off

The expectant mothers took part in diaper changing and throwing contests before stripping to their bikinis in the final round.

The rules of the competition, which is organised by 94.5 The Buzz radio host Rod Ryan, state that the contestants must be due within three months.

Flexible: One expectant mother shows that you can be pregnant and active as she does the splits on the floor

Contest: The women took part in diaper throwing and changing competitions before stripping off

Winners: The prizes included gift vouchers, digital cameras and tokens for teeth whitening treatments

The first prize winner went away with $800 in gift vouchers, a digital camera and a teeth whitening treatment.

Mr Ryan said: 'I walked into my boss' office over seven years ago and said I wanted to do a pregnant bikini contest.

'He kicked me out of his office. Look what we have here tonight.'

Rod Ryan Show Prego Bikini Contest 2011

source: dailymail


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