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Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't forget to flush: Planking taken to a new level of smelly as people use toilet to capture even crazier poses


Snug: This man obviously has a high threshold for unhygienic situations

Most people would only put their head down a toilet basin if they were overcome with the need to vomit.

But now those searching for a way to take 'planking' to a new level of daring are getting an up close view of the U-bend too.

Christened 'plumbking', the practice of using a toilet to capture even crazier poses is catching on with pictures emerging on the internet.

Athletic: Face it, this girl really doesn't mind getting up close and personal with the toilet rim

Strong core: A more customary planking pose using the toilet

One shot shows a man with his head fully inside a toilet bowl, completely upside down, supported only by his shoulders.
In another picture, a girl has her face planted inside the toilet seat while her feet rest against a nearby wall.

Superb form: This man has combined the sink and the toilet in his pose

And in a more conventional planking pose, a young man lies horizontally across the toilet, despite the small confines of the bathroom.
Facebook groups dedicated to the practice have started, with one entitled: 'Realising how drunk you start planking the toilet.'

Wet hair? People usually like to get a wash in the shower

Tight squeeze: It seems toilet plankers make a conscious choice on clothing

source: dailymail


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