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Monday, August 1, 2011

The waitress Vs Cameron: Prime Minister on holiday asks for three coffees... and cafe worker tells him 'I'm busy, get them yourself'

By Nick Pisa

He prides himself on his 'common touch' when it comes to politics but even David Cameron might think being asked to muck in at a local cafe is going a bit far.

The Prime Minister, who is on holiday in Tuscany with his family, ordered a round of coffees at a village cafe - and was told to get them himself.

Cameron had asked the waitress, 27-year-old Francesca Ariani, if she would bring the drinks to a table outside where he was sitting with wife Samantha and a Downing Street aide.

Do it yourself, Dave: David Cameron and wife Samantha enjoy their coffees at a cafe in Montevarchi, Italy - after he was told by a waitress to get the drinks himself

She snapped that she was too busy, leaving the PM to do the job of delivering the cappuccinos to the terrace of the Dolcenero bar in Montevarchi.

Miss Ariani said: 'I’m so embarrassed. I didn’t know it was the British Prime Minister. I’m so sorry if I appeared rude - I didn’t mean to be. It’s just that I was on my own and really busy.

'He asked for two cappuccinos and an espresso and said he would be at a table outside but I just said he would have to take them out himself because I was behind the bar.'

It seems that the Prime Minister was left less than impressed with the service.

Bitter taste? David Cameron takes a gulp of the cappuccino on the terrace of a cafe in Montevarchi after Francesca Ariani (right) refused him table service

The waitress added: ’I made them for him and he waited and then took them outside with his wife. He was there for about five minutes and then left - he paid with a 50 euro note but didn’t leave a tip.

'I suppose that was fair enough as I hadn’t taken them to the table but still he could have left the odd coins.'

The Camerons are on holiday at a £10,000-a-week villa with two other families. They arrived on Saturday, landing at nearby Florence Airport on a British Airways flight from London City Airport having travelled in business class.

The 15-bedroom villa is on the Petrolo wine estate and is close to the village of Bucine where Sting and wife Trudie Styler have a home.

A smaller house on the estate has been taken over by Cameron's security team.

The villa features in Jamie Oliver's cookbook, Jamie's Italy.

The chef is a close friend of Petrolo’s owner Luca Sanjust and visits every year with a team of his students.

Mr Sanjust said: 'They are just enjoying themselves by the pool. They have played tennis and are spending time relaxing.'

The 300-year-old property has a private garden, swimming pool and tennis court.

There is also a billiards room, lake, working vineyard and olive groves.

The PM is paying his family's £5,800 share of the bill for the two-week stay out of his own pocket.

During his brief visit to Montevarchi on the first morning of his trip, Cameron was presented with the town's coat of arms by Mayor Francesco Grasso.

Mr Grasso also suggested a couple of tourist attractions to the PM including several museums and churches, along with a Prada outlet store on the outskirts of the town.

Maybe it was something to do with his dress sense that led to the Italian mayor's suggestion.

During the public walkabout in the Italian village, Cameron opted for a rather bizarre off-duty look of crumpled shirt in navy, a pair of black trousers and his creased black work brogues - minus the socks.

Italian getaway: David and Samantha Cameron are on holiday in Tuscany with their children and two other families

Luxury: The villa in Tuscany where the Camerons are enjoying a two-week break



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