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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The real-life RoboCop: Policeman is hurled through the air by stolen car... but gets up and goes on to Taser criminal

-Floored officer chases down driver seconds after high-speed crash

By Chris Parsons

This is the amazing moment a hero policeman is thrown through the air after a collision with a stolen car - before getting up to chase down the criminal on foot.

Police Constable Dan Pascoe had stopped his car on an M25 slip road in Surrey to block the blue BMW, but was sent flying through the air seconds later.

The officer, 27, had got out the vehicle seconds before motorist Lee Adamson ploughed into his patrol car, throwing the policeman off his feet on to the Tarmac.


Collision course: Pc Pascoe's patrol car attempts to block the BMW driver, but the motorist fails to stop and speeds towards the vehicle

Moment of impact: The BMW ploughs into the side of the squad car with Pc Pascoe standing by its front door

The Surrey Police officer is swept off his feet by the force of the high-speed collision

Floored: Pc Pascoe is seen on camera falling to the ground as the BMW crashes further up the slip road

But undeterred, the brave constable sprang to his feet and chased down the criminal, who had abandoned the smashed blue stolen BMW and attempted to run away.

Pc Pascoe even managed to apprehend Adamson, 29, by sprinting after the criminal and Tasering him within seconds of the dramatic crash.

The extraordinary incident earlier this month was captured on camera by a second squad car parked metres behind Pc Pascoe's vehicle.

Adamson was today began a 23-month jail term after the crash on July 3.

He admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance and resisting arrest, and was jailed at Guildford Crown Court.

Surrey Police revealed that Pc Pascoe managed to chase down Adamson and stun him with an electronic Taser before himself collapsing.

The car thief was arrested by other officers soon after while Pc Pascoe amazingly suffered just minor injuries.

Undeterred: Rather than tend to his injuries, Pc Pascoe gets to his feet with the BMW close by

You're coming with me: The heroic officer then sprints after the criminal as he attempts to run away

In hot pursuit: Pc Pascoe reaches for a Taser in his pocket and he closes in on the criminal

The court heard police followed up information the stolen car was being driven near junction 11 of the M25.

After arriving at the stretch of motorway, they spotted the car and Adamson, from Hayes, Middlesex, who drove along the hard shoulder at 'high speed' after being seen.

Police pursued Adamson at speeds of up to 90mph before the crash, the court heard.

Adamson, who had 25 convictions for 53 offences, was on licence after being released from jail in March at the time of the crash.

Inspector Chris Colley, head of Surrey Police's Roads Policing Unit, said: 'I would like to praise the officers involved in this incident for the bravery and professionalism they demonstrated to react so quickly and make an arrest in such exceptional circumstances.

'The officers, particularly Pc Pascoe, had to react extremely quickly and despite the shock and possible injuries they may have sustained during the collision, they were determined not to let the suspect get away.

'Thankfully Pc Pascoe sustained only minor injuries as a result of the collision but it's clear that the extremely dangerous manner in which the stolen vehicle was being driven could easily have resulted in a tragic outcome.

'Adamson rammed the police vehicle at high speed and it is only good fortune that prevented an officer or a member of the public from being seriously injured or killed.

'I'm very proud of the actions of the officers involved in this incident and I'm sure the public will be heartened by the courage and desire they showed to go above and beyond to keep the people of Surrey safe.'



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