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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Cameron returns to Italian bar where he failed to tip... and makes amends with waitress

By Nick Pisa

Prime minister David Cameron today returned to an Italian bar where he had failed to leave a tip and made amends with the waitress who worked there by leaving one this time.

Mr Cameron, 45, made headlines across the world when it emerged he had paid for a 3.10 Euro bill with a 50 Euro banknote and failed to leave any small change, as is customary in Italian bars.

Last week waitress Francesca Ariani, 27, failed to recognise the Number 10 resident when he walked in with his wife Samantha, 40, and ordered two cappuccinos asking for them to be brought to an outside table.

Tipped: David Cameron puts his arm round waitress Francesca Ariani, who he initially failed to tip during his Italian holiday

But Francesca had told him she was too busy making coffees to bring them out and to serve himself.

On Sunday Mr Cameron returned with his daughter Nancy to clear up the misunderstanding at the Dolcenero bar in Monetvarchi near Arezzo.

This time he ordered a beer for himself and a soft drink for Nancy - paying the 5.10 Euro tip with a 10 Euro note and telling her to keep the change as she served him at a table.

Francesca even offered the Prime Minister a cocktail she created the 'Cameron Tuscan Dream' - with the ingredients being local Vin Santo (sweet wine), coffee and cream.

Mr Cameron, who is in the final week of a fortnight break at a nearby villa, where he is on holiday with friends, was even happy to pose for a picture with Francesca.

Self service: Waitress Francesca Ariani, 27, who failed to recognise David Cameron when he called in for coffee

Foot loose: David Cameron and his wife Samantha at the cafe in Montevarchi where it was noticed he was not wearing socks

She said: 'I was so surprised when he came back to the bar after what had happened last week. I said I was sorry for not recognising him and not serving him and he said it was not a problem.

'He said he was sorry for any fuss that had been created and he was very nice, very friendly. He ordered a beer and a Sprite for his daughter Nancy and I took them out to the same table as where he was sat last time.

'I had no idea he was coming into the bar and it was a real surprise. I even offered him a cocktail my boyfriend and I invented and dedicated to him called the Cameron Tuscan Dream.

'He tried it and he said it was very nice. The bill came to 5.10 Euro and he left me a tip this time. He paid with a ten Euro note and said to keep the change.'

The 16-bedroom villa where the Camerons are staying is on the Petrolo wine estate and besides the main house there are four other smaller houses - one of which has been taken by Mr Cameron's security team.

It is close to the hamlet of Bucine in the Tuscany region known as Chianti which is popular with British holidaymakers, many of who have homes in ther area - Sting and his wife Trudie Styler are close by.

Chef Jamie Oliver is also a close friend of Petrolo's owner Luca Sanjust and visits every year with a team of his students to watch the olives being pressed and turned into oil.

The villa is no stranger to celebrities with actor Jason Flemying tying the knot there with his wife Elly Fairman in 2008. Oliver cooked their lavish wedding breakfast and model Claudia Schiffer was among the guests.

Arno Valley: The wine-growing estate where Prime Minister is spending his holiday

The 300-year-old property has its own private garden, swimming pool and tennis court and is surrounded by high walls and tall cypress trees ensuring total security.

It is surrounded by lush working vineyards and olive groves, as well as oak woods which contain wild boar, and there are also fishing lakes on the estate.

Other members of the Cameron Downing Street entourage, as well as security personnel, have checked into a four star hotel in Montevarchi having driven across Europe in a van.



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