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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just hangin’ by the pool: Summer posers caught mid-air in new photography craze


Catch me if you can: One participant in the latest craze leisure diving takes a beer down with him

They call it the 'leisure dive' - and it's coming to a pool near you this summer.

Following the craze of planking which swept the internet, a website has flourished after compiling hilarious pictures of divers striking a comedy pose in mid-air before they hit the water.

With the motto, 'live and let dive', the site recommends just how to get the most out of your split-second posing.

Swim when you're winning: One diver ramps up the excitement at the country club during cocktail hour

The ideal position is achieved with a diving board, giving swimmers enough height to get their hips parallel to the waterline. If successful then it's a shot worthy of the family album or at the very least, Facebook.

The people behind LeisureDive.com encourage originality but there seems to be a couple of recurring favourite looks.

The most common is the hand on the hip, with a quizzical look and grasping a beer, book or bizarrely a croquet mallet.

Patriot games: One girl flies the flag while a crowd of friends cheer her effort

Leisure diving looks set to take the place of planking - a phenomenon which involves lying face down in a public place, the weirder the better, and posting photos on social networking sites.

The favourite pose is to lie expressionless with a straight body, hands by the side and toes pointing towards the ground.

The website founders ask for the best leisure dives to be sent to them - http://www.leisuredive.com/index.php - to be ranked against other competitors in the new craze.

And although it could make you incredibly popular on the internet, it's unlikely to do so with other holidaymakers relaxing at the hotel pool.

Red-hot trend: A girl strikes an elegant mid-air pose before crashing into the pool

Cool and the gang? Perhaps this group of young men have a little too much time on their hands

The double dive: Two friends take a perfectly synchronised plunge

Morning wake-up call: One diver finds added refreshment to his morning coffee

Chilling by the pool: All that's missing is the hammock

Perfect poise: This heavily tattooed gentleman puts full concentration into his work

Parting shot: A smartly dressed young man takes his tennis racket for a dip

Taking your friends down with you: Some well-rehearsed arm work makes for a quality picture

Going wild: One swimmer proves that the leisure dive need not be contained to the pool as he soars above a lake

Springing into action: One leisure diver shows how it's done (tiny trunks and poser shades optional)

Anyone for croquet? That's one way to make it more exciting...

Making a splash: Fear not if your garden doesn't have a pool, leisure diving can still be achieved with a little improvisation

source: dailymail


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