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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The human spirograph: Artist's amazing geometric drawings he produces with his body

By Daily Mail Reporter

Circular scribbler: Mr Orrico's unique performances of his art can take up to four hours

Watching this unique artist work may at first look like an intricate upper body exercise or some kind of minimalist art exhibition.

But after a while it becomes clear that performer Tony Orrico has a very special talent.

The visual artist, dubbed 'The Human Spirograph', produces incredible geometric drawings using both arms drawing at the same time and speed.

Body art: Mr Orrico's physically demanding pieces are often a bizarre and spectacular site for art lovers

Taking permanent markers in both hands he either stands pressed up against a wall or lays or kneels on the ground and stretching his arms out draws in circular, repetitive motions.

He moves either his whole body or just his wrists to produce the patterns.

Mr Orrico, a former member of various prestigious worldwide dance companies, performs 'live drawings' which can last for up to four hours.

The 'Penwald Drawings' are, according to the artist, 'a series of bilateral drawings in which Tony Orrico explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course'.

At first, with the pens full of ink, the process is smooth and fast, but as the pens run dry the performance is accompanied by the ambient noise of squeaking felt tips and caps dropped from new pens.

Demanding: The artist's work requires plenty of discipline and physical endurance

Hours later Mr Orrico, who describes himself as an 'artist, performer and choreographer', continues to intricately move his arms intricately around the wall in near perfect symmetry.

The finished pieces at their largest cover 20 foot square, at their smallest just 60 inches square.

His first solo exhibition took place at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery - a space for minimal and conceptual art works in Santa Monica, California.

The exhibition showcased Orrico's completed pieces after hosting a night of live drawing, captured on film for the installation element of the show.

His amazing 'live drawings' have seen Mr Orrico perform all over the world, including venues like the Sydney Opera House and the New York State Theater.



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