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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fans see red and strip Rooney loony who turned up to Liverpool training session wearing a Man United kit

By Daily Mail Reporter

You'd think even a boy would know that when you go to see Liverpool play, the last thing you should wear is the shirt of Manchester United, their hated arch-rivals.

And this young lad felt the full force of Liverpool fandom when a stadium full of Kop supporters chanted and jeered at him, eventually managing to strip off his controversial kit.

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Faux pas: Rowdy Liverpool fans quickly noticed the Red Devils shirt in their midst

Terrifying: The foolish lad faced the wrath of the crowd

He tried to remain inconspicuous, staying at the back of the stadium in Malaysia where Liverpool were training as part of their Asian tour.

But in a Red Devils shirt - particularly one with the name of former Everton player Wayne Rooney on the back - he was never going to stay unnoticed for long.

Rough treatment: One Reds supporter decided to take matters into his own hands

Struggle: The boy couldn't stop irate fans from taking his United shirt

He quickly drew the attention of the whole stand, who started chanting at him to take the kit off.

When he refused, the Reds fans took matters into their own hands, mobbing him and removing the United shirt. In celebration, they sang Kop anthem You'll Never Walk Alone.

Defiant: He resisted one woman's attempt to force a Liverpool strip on him

Moody: He was understandably annoyed and soon sloped off

But he stuck to his guns, and rather than wear the Liverpool shirt which they tried to press on him he sat in a sulk, before sloping off from the stand.

The boy returned a few minutes later, and seems to have learned the error of his ways - this time around, he was wearing the altogether less contentious shirt of Malaysia's national team.



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