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Friday, July 8, 2011

Driver handed a £110 parking fine - while he was stuck in a traffic jam

By Daily Mail Reporter

No one likes to be stuck in morning traffic - especially if it cost £110 for the privilege.

Christopher Barham was fined after a CCTV camera took a picture of his car in gridlock outside Gidea Park station in Romford, Essex.

Mr Barham was sent the fine along with a CCTV photo taken from a council camera at 8.22am on June 8.

Road rage: Christopher Barham was fined £110 after he stopped in traffic outside Gidea Park station, Romford, Essex

The picture clearly shows two cars in front of his car with their brake lights on.

Mr Barham, of Hornchurch, Essex, said that after stopping his son got out to go to the station.

Mr Barham, who appealed against the fine, said: 'As far as I'm concerned I was prepared to go to prison instead of paying it.

'It's entrapment. It is laughable that a passenger can't get out of the car in stationary traffic.

Farcical: Mr Barham's car is captured in traffic on CCTV... yet he was sent a parking fine

'It was clear from the picture that there was a line of traffic in front of me, like there is there every morning.'

He added: 'It is always stop-start traffic on that road and from the picture you can make out that the cars in front have their brake lights on.

'If I committed a motoring offence then surely it is not the council's job to fine me.'

Mr Barham is urging other motorists who have also been targeted to appeal against the fine.

He said: 'No one should be fined for getting out of the car when traffic is stationary. It is ridiculous.

'How many people will pay their fine straight away without thinking? I would say definitely appeal your fine.'

A Havering Council spokesman said: 'We have reviewed this incident and have immediately cancelled the penalty.'



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