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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Woman dead and seven injured as spooked horse drags cart into crowd at country fair


Spooked: Lucas the horse (right) bolted as he drew a cart at a park in Bury St Edmunds yesterday, killing a 57-year-old woman and leaving seven others injured

A mother of two was killed and several people injured when a horse bolted into a crowd at a country fair.

Carole Bullett, 57, was struck when the horse, which was harnessed to a cart, took fright and ran from the person holding it.

The powerful four-year-old Breton, which had been giving rides to visitors at Nowton Park Country Fair in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, on Sunday, bowled over people as it ran along a path lined with stalls.

It finally stopped at a fence nearly three-quarters of a mile away.

Aftermath: Police tape surrounds the the cart that was dragged across the field leaving spectators diving for cover

Mrs Bullett, from Bury St Edmunds, suffered serious head injuries and died yesterday. Seven other people were treated for back and stomach injuries.

Visitor Jon Kydd said he managed to pull his children out of the way after hearing a woman yell 'Look out'. He said: 'One lady tried to move but was too late. She looked like a rag doll – the horse, then the cart, hit her at full speed. It was horrendous.'

Andy Bowes, of Sudbury, added: 'It ploughed into the crowd. The guy next to me got knocked 8ft into the air.'

Police have launched an investigation into the tragedy.

The horse's owners, Carriage Tours of Bury St Edmunds, said: 'Our deepest sympathies are with the family. We are co-operating fully with the investigation.'

The carriage, which had been used for children's rides earlier in the day, was dragged through the crowd when the horse bolted

Under guard: Two horses are looked after by police handlers following the incident

source: dailymail


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