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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That's the trouble with fast food: Four lions left sheepish and hungry after failing to catch antelope who legs it to safety

By Emily Allen

Take that: A lioness leaps powerfully into the air in a bid to take down a kudu bull - but he is too agile for
her. Safari-goers captured the drama in a game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape

Four lions were left with their tails between their legs - and with empty stomachs - after a defenceless antelope escaped their clutches.

The agile kudu leapt to safety as the pride attempted to make it their lunch at a game reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

Safari-goers recorded the failed attempt - but made a quick getaway when they realised the lions were probably quite peckish.

British safari boss Steve Bailey, who was leading the group of tourists, told the Mirror: 'Some of them were pretty shaken.'

The spectacular photos show the lion and three lionesses spying their kudu dinner in the distance and crouching ready for the attack.

In a menacing assault the four ambush the antelope and it appears that its minutes are numbered.

Looking for lunch: The lions crouch ready to spring as they spot the kudu in the distance

No going back: One of the lions rounds up the antelope as the others crouch in readiness for the attack

But the kill, which should have been easy, turns to chaos when the kudu springs more than six feet into the air, butting the lion which tries to grab her out of the way, clearing the pride and escaping.

The four are left to watch their tasty snack thunder off into the distance.

The spectacle proves that life in sub Saharan Africa for even the strongest of predators can sometimes get tough.

Power struggle: The lion strikes as the lionesses close in. It looks hopeless for the kudu

Against all the odds: The kudu leaps over the pride and breaks for freedom, leaving the lions behind as it thunders into the distance



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