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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Someone get him a dog tag... Hilarious collection of photos of soldiers seeing the funny side of life on the frontline

By John Stevens

Soldiers are known for their black humour on the frontline as they see the funny side of life in the face of adversity.

But these military personnel have taken things a step beyond in these hilarious images from the battlefield.

These photographs, released by slightlywarped.com, celebrate the best humour from our soldiers, airmen and sailors.

A man and his dog: This canine shows off his surveillance skills as he looks through a telescope next to an armed soldier

Call the cavalry: Soldier aims fire on the back of a tiny donkey

Diversion: Soldier stands behind this roadblock marked with some wishful thinking

Bombs away: Soldier hangs strapped to the wing of an aircraft pretending to be a missile

A Knight's Tale: Soldiers joust on bicycles in front of a crowd of military personnel enjoying the revelry

Undercover: A soldier's camouflage uniform hides him in a slightly more domestic situation than it was intended

Mousetrap: A soldier tests out this homemade giant vermin catcher with a bottle of beer at an army base

Woman behind the wheel: A female pilot hangs her handbag on the controls of this military aircraft

In this collection you will find some great images of the men and women in uniform managing to raise a smile, even when their lives are on the line.

There are the two airmen, dressed in full pilot’s uniform including helmets, racing down the runway with model airplanes strapped around their waists.

Then there is the female pilot flying a jet with her handbag dangling from the airplane’s controls.

Look out for the giant mousetrap that has been made back at base, which is being tested by a soldier with a beer bottle.

Technology: This spoof photo shows off the U.S. government's next generation stealth fighter

Taking a break: This pilot enjoys a magazine while seated in the back of a military fighter jet

Read for take off: Two airmen in full pilot uniform race down the runway with two model aircraft around their waists

Hitching a lift: This soldier tries to get a ride back home to Florida from the frontline

Disguise: This photo shows a Coca-Cola lorry hidden by army camouflage

Bow and arrow: This soldier uses his gun in a slightly less conventional way

Suicidal teens welcome! A spoof sign hangs in the window of an army recruitment centre

There is also soldier taking some time out from his duties in full camouflage gear who is disguised by the garish sofa he is lying on.

Another picture shows a Coca-Cola lorry also in full camouflage.

A soldier is also pictured standing at a desert roadblock painted with ‘Car bombs must exit’.



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