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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mirror image: Kingfisher barely causes a ripple as he dives into the water

By Daily Mail Reporter

Seeing double: The kingfisher produced a perfect mirror image when it dived headfirst into the River Alde in Suffolk

Diving effortlessly head first in to the water, this kingfisher appears to become two as its reflection is revealed in breathtaking detail.

Photogapher Paul Sawer spent five weeks watching a family of Britain's most fascinating birds at the River Alde in Rendham, Suffolk.

The 39-year-old captured this extraordinary sight after setting up a glass tank full of fish in the water to attract the birds, with their images reflected in the glass as they dived into the river.

His shot shows the kingfisher's reflection with such clarity that, at first glance, it appears as if the bird has collided with another in the water.

Mr Sawer, from Saxmundham, Suffolk, said, 'Reflections are a particular favourite of mine and I wanted to capture the dive in reflection.

'For this I submerged a glass tank in the river, popped in some fish, set up the flashes and focused the camera on the centre of the tank.

Feeding time: Photographer Paul Sawer set up a glass tank containing fish to attract the birds

Heading for the water: Photographer Sawer captured the kingfisher's every move as it prepared to plunge into the river

'I pressed the shutter just before the bird entered the water.

'There is a lot of luck involved as to the position of the bird and I had several near misses.

'But opportunities were frequent and it wasn't too long before I had secured the image I had hoped for.

On reflection: The kingfisher's image was mirrored in the glass of the fish tank Sawer had placed in the river

'I spent around 150 hours on the project during 5 weeks and didn't tire of the kingfishers once.

'Not only are they one of the UK's most colourful birds they are among the most fascinating to watch and I feel privileged to have observed this family at close quarters.

'I am thrilled to finally have the dive added to my portfolio.'

Time-consuming: Sawer spent over 150 hours capturing the perfect photos of the kingfishers

Stunning shots: The reflections of the birds are captured in breathtaking detail



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