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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet the boor who's got a top job with the Middletons (and tells his friends on Twitter that Pippa's 'hot')

By Fay Schlesinger and James Mcmeekin

Maximum exposure: Topless Lee Buller, right, poses with friends in a photo from his publicly accessible Facebook profile

With his shirt off and a cigarette in his hand as he poses with a woman stripped to her underwear, he looks like a typical boorish and debauched modern-day reveller.

But Lee Buller is a senior manager at the Duchess of Cambridge’s family firm, Party Pieces.

And the 25-year-old has made a series of louche and embarrassing comments on the social networking website Twitter as part of a blow-by-blow account of his time at the company owned by Carole Middleton and her husband Michael.

On the publicly-accessible site, he has revealed that Party Pieces – which began in a garden shed in the 1980s and has grown into a £30million enterprise – may expand further by ‘launch(ing) a foreign arm’.

He has also admired his ‘hot’ colleague Pippa, voiced frustrations about his bosses and made rude jokes involving their royal relatives, including the Queen, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

Mr Buller was hired in February as online marketing and merchandising manager at Party Pieces, with the task of bringing in customers and making sure the firm gets maximum exposure on the internet.

As a prolific Twitter user, he is understood to have been involved in the marketing coup in which Party Pieces secured a deal to sell Justin Bieber merchandise.

Since joining the 30-strong team based in a warehouse in Ashampstead, Berkshire, he met the ‘stunning’ Kate Middleton days before her wedding to Prince William, shared cakes with her younger sister and enjoyed an intimate dinner with their parents.

He even received a bone china and 22-carat gold collectible as a gift to mark the royal wedding.

But until now it is unlikely that the Middletons were aware of the public account he was giving of his experiences, in hundreds of Twitter messages sent from their offices.

Back in February, he made self-deprecating jokes about his naivety in applying for the job without even knowing of its royal links.

He wrote: ‘Um I’m quite thick sometimes... My new job is working for Kate Middleton’s parents! I had no idea when they interviewed me!’ His excitement ahead of the royal wedding, which he did not attend, was touching.

‘So glad to have personally passed on my best wishes to Kate for Friday... She was lovely, really nice,’ he wrote, before adding: ‘She is very good looking!’

But Mr Buller’s comments soon became crude.

During the royal wedding, he took to his Twitter account again to say: ‘I bet Charles gets drunk and finds somewhere to give Camilla a quickie at the reception! That’d break camera lenses… The Queen will neck some gin and stumble across Charles and Camilla outside!’

Glorious occasion: But Mr Buller still made crude comments about the royal wedding, despite his connection to the Middleton family

More recently, he has made comments about 27-year-old Pippa, who writes the Party Times online magazine.

On Monday evening he wrote: ‘I just cried a little at setting my alarm for work tomorrow... Hope I don’t look like death as have a meeting with Pippa in the morn!’

He claimed that he ‘gets on quite well’ with ‘hot’ Pippa, but dismissed her brother James, 23, as ‘ok but bit yaya’.

Mr Buller, from Reading, speaks highly of Mike Middleton, a mild-mannered former British Airways pilot.

Dinner with him on May 17 was ‘pleasant’ and he reported a ‘great chat with Mike, very interesting chap’.

But references to his ‘boss’ – possibly hands-on Carole, 51 – are less favourable.

Mr Buller wrote: ‘Ugh! So much to do with new stuff going live! And the boss being a bit of a.... need I say more!’

Alluding to office gossip, he added intriguingly: ‘Seems I need to see my boss drunk! Some stories coming out...’

And he was scathing about salesmen who have flocked to Party Pieces to advertise their products.

He wrote: ‘One more call from a jumped-up schmoozer that couldn’t sell Quorn to a vege, I’ll hunt ‘em down and shove the phone down their throat.’

A royal source said: ‘Suffice to say [the Middletons] will be very unhappy about this.

‘It is not becoming to an upstanding company – let alone a royally-connected one – to have employees making unguarded comments linked to their work, colleagues, employers and their employers’ family.’

Mr Buller and Party Pieces did not respond to attempts to contact them last night.

'Hot': Mr Buller boasted of his meetings with the Middleton girls, Pippa, left, and Kate



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