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Monday, May 23, 2011

Record-breaking Ryan Giggs leads celebrations with his family as Manchester United wins yet another another title

By Daily Mail Reporter

Father's pride: Giggs enjoys his record-breaking run with his two children, Zach and Libby as Manchester United celebrated its 12th Premier League win

It was all smiles for Manchester United players at the weekend as they were joined on the pitch by their number one fans - their children.

Ryan Giggs led the celebrations with his two children, Zach and Libby, who were all smiles along with Wayne Rooney's son, Kai and Rio Ferdinand's eldest, Lorenz at Old Trafford.

It was an extra special day for Giggs, however, as he celebrated his 12th Premier League title win.

The impressive feat means he is the only Manchester United player to have medals from all the team's championship successes.

Ryan Gigg's wife, Stacey Cooke, laughs during the family celebrations at Old Trafford

United celebrated with extra gusto this year as the title is their 19th, which means the Red Devils overtake Liverpool as the most successful club in the country.

Despite reaching the relatively grand old age of 37 and still playing top-flight football, it is expected that Giggs will continue to play for the team as the Welsh-national has always made it clear that he wants to retire at the club.

He is one of the most respected players in the game and in 2009 he won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

Throughout his career he has only really had one major run-in with his boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, and that was in 1992 when he was still new to the team.

The story goes that he was at a house party along with former player, Lee Sharpe, when Fergie turned up and kicked everyone out.

Nineteen years on and he is considered by many to be the 'golden boy' of football and it was all smiles for him and his two children on the pitch as they celebrated his record-breaking run.

Yesterday he was pictured with Zach and Libby at Old Trafford as the club's celebrations as champions of the Premier League continued - a week after the club clinched the title at Blackburn Rovers.

Throughout his career he has made the most Premier League appearances and is the only one to have scored in all the campaigns since it was created.

Speaking after winning the Sports Personality of the Year Award he said: 'I've been lucky enough to win a lot of things in my career, playing with great players and playing under the greatest manager who has ever lived, I've played for the greatest club, this is up there.'

Explaining how he kept up his level of performance despite his advancing years, Giggs said: 'Desire, looking after myself. I'm enjoying my football more than ever and I think that's reflected in my play.

Wayne Rooney took Kai onto the pitch for a kick-about while Lorenz Ferdinand got a piggy back from his dad

Wayne Rooney celebrates on the pitch with his son, Kai, and wife, Coleen

Manchester United has won 12 Premier League titles since the competition was started 19 years ago



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