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Monday, May 2, 2011

Foiled by his baggy pants! The moment a trendy beer thief went flying


Timber! The suspect's jeans start falling down as his legs flail out of control

He's the would-be thief who got away with nothing - not even his dignity.

This CCTV footage shows one of the worst escapes ever after a robbery at an E-Z Food Store in Lake Wales, Florida.

The suspect was racing towards his getaway car with a case of beer in his arms when his baggy pants proved his undoing.

The harder they fall: The suspect crashes to the ground, on top of the beer bottles, and skids several inches on his chest

Jolted loose by his sprint, the jeans tumble down around his waist, causing the suspect to go crashing into the pavement.

He skids for what must have been a very painful half a foot or so on his stomach, as beer flies everywhere. Bottles roll on the ground spraying froth over him.

Almost admirably, the man leaps to his feet again. Abandoning the beer, he yanks his jeans up as he races for the back seat of the car, a black Chevy Lumina with dark tinted windows.

His plaid boxers are still on display to the world as he battles with the car door, very nearly not making it inside before his accomplice speeds off.

Crackdown: The man is back on his feet quickly, though his dignity is forever lost

source: dailymail


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