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Friday, May 6, 2011

Flung in the air like a rag doll: The horrific moment a pedestrian was hit by speeding motorist.. and left for dead

By Daily Mail Reporter

Catch this driver: Dale O'Malley is swept off his feet and flung through the air by the hit-and-run driver in Stockport

This is the heart-stopping moment a man is hurled into the air in a shocking hit-and-run incident.

Dale O’Malley, 28, is swept off his feet and flung upside down before slamming on to the road. His twisted body is left lying in the street.

The horrific images were taken from a bus parked near where Mr O’Malley was struck in Stockport, Greater Manchester. His family asked police to make them public in the hope it would persuade the driver to hand himself or herself in.

Dale O'Malley, 28, pictured in his hospital bed is still unconscious in intensive care after major brain surgery and operations to pin a broken leg and arm

The incident happened at 11.05pm on Sunday as Mr O’Malley was crossing the road near McDonald’s in Wellington Road South in the town centre. A silver five-door Peugeot 206 hit him and drove off in the direction of Hazel Grove.

Mr O’Malley suffered a broken leg, broken arm and head injuries and was taken to Stepping Hill Hospital for emergency treatment.

He was transferred to Hope Hospital where his condition remains critical.
The vehicle suffered damage to the front nearside and a smashed windscreen.

Injured: The 28-year-old's twisted body is left abandoned on the road following the incident on Sunday evening

Inspector Susan Redfern, from Greater Manchester Police, said: ‘The images of the collision are quite upsetting to look at, but I make no apologies for making them public.

‘We now need to hear from either the driver, or someone who saw the collision.

‘Also, the car would have suffered extensive damage to the passenger side.

‘I want to hear from anyone who may have seen a damaged 206 driving round Stockport or from any mechanics who have been asked to repair such a car.’

Agony: Mr O'Malley suffered a broken arm, leg and head injuries and his condition remains critical

The moment Mr O'Malley is hit by the driver of a silver-grey Peugeot 206 which police are trying to trace



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