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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bike thieves bee careful! Cycle is swarming with the insects


Buzz off! A swarm of summer bees surrounded this bike which was parked in London's Notting Hill

At this time of year, you're more likely to see bees being attracted to flowers than anything else.

Which means passers-by must have been surprised to see literally hundreds of the insects clinging on to this bicycle stand in West London.

The stand, in Notting Hill, was literally covered in summer bees - and although it is unclear what attracted them there in the first place, the swarms just kept on coming.

Swaming: It is unclear what attacted the bees to the bike - but the hot weather has brought them out in large numbers

All of which could have made things very tricky for the owner when it came to collecting their bike.

But as the warm weather continues to bring insects out in large numbers, it seems that London is not the only place to have seen high levels of bee activity in recent days.

Swarms of bees in other parts of the country, have been keeping experts busy - particularly in Gloucestershire, which has seen an unusual amount of bee activity.

Bee-ware: Swarms of bees like the one in Notting Hill have been spotted all over the country in the run-up to summer

Mike Forster and his wife Carol, leading members of the Cheltenham and Gloucester Bee Keeping Association, told local press they were called out to move five swarms in just one day last Friday.

Mr Forster said the unseasonally warm and sunny weather of the last few weeks followed by storms may by the reason for the high level of bee activity.

Other insects who have benefitted from the warm spell include butterflies, who are reportedly thriving in the warm sunshine, and ants.

The latter, encouraged by the warm Mediterranean spring weather, have descended on homes across Britain in search of food and water. Wildlife experts say the cold winter has also boosted ant populations.

Enjoying the sun: The warm weather has reportedly given rise to unusual levels of bee activity

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