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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vile thugs hurl brick in four-year-old girl’s face after her father tells them to stop kicking football at his van

By Daily Mail Reporter

-15 yobs launched an attack on the vehicle

-Girl left unconscious with broken nose and glass in her face

Horrific: Jersey-Lou's front teeth were knocked out and her nose broken when thugs smashed a brick into her face

This picture shows the horrific injuries Jersey-Lou Perry suffered after thugs threw a brick at her head.

The four-year-old was left with a swollen, bloodied face and broken nose in the disgusting attack in Grimsby.

She was left unconscious with shards of glass in her face after a gang of up to 15 yobs attacked her father's van - simply because he asked them to stop kicking a ball at the vehicle.

As he began to drive off one thug jumped out from behind a wall and threw a brick through the window, which struck his daughter in the face.

The brick hit her so hard it knocked out her two front teeth and broke her nose.

Her devastated father Kyle Perry, 23, said: 'I can not believe that someone could do this to a child - who throws a house brick at an innocent little girl?

'The coward who has done this to my little girl has to hand themselves in to the police.

'He could have killed her.'

Recalling the incident, Mr Perry said: 'Jersey-Lou, my partner and my other daughter were with me in the van - they were strapped into the passenger seats.

'I had pulled over when a group of lads started kicking a ball up against the door.

'It was scaring the girls so I got out and told them to pack it in because I had young kids inside.

Recovering: Jersey-Lou with her mother Laura Mussell. The yobs threw the brick after her father Kyle Perry asked them to stop kicking a football at his van

'A group of about 12 to 15 of them started to walk towards me. I got back in the van and was going to drive away.

'I started driving off and a guy who had been hiding behind a wall jumped out and threw something.

'I heard glass smashing and looked over to see if everyone was all right.

'That's when I saw Jersey-Lou had been hit. She was out cold and there was blood everywhere.'

Mr Perry drove straight to the Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital, in Grimsby, where his injured daughter was kept in overnight for observation.

She was treated for a broken nose, two broken front teeth, and dozens of cuts and bruises - but the long-term effects of her injuries will not be known until she has been seen by a bone specialist next week.

Her mother, Laura Mussell, 22, said: 'When I first saw the state of her face it was heartbreaking.

'It's incredible to think anyone could live with themselves for doing such a thing to an innocent little girl.

'Her injuries have gone down a bit now, but only the other day her dad pulled out another piece of glass from her cheek.

Old Market Square in the heart of Grimsby. Police in the town are hunting the thugs who carried out the vile attack

'If I was the parent of the coward responsible for this then I would be completely ashamed and the first thing I would do would be to drag them down to the police station.

'I can understand that any witnesses might be scared to come forward but it is important that they do.'

Police have described the male who threw the brick as between 16 and 19 years old, about 5ft 6in and of a stocky build with dark hair.

A Humberside Police spokesman said: 'We are appealing for anyone with information to come and talk to us anonymously. This is a particularly nasty incident and we would obviously welcome public assistance.'



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