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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two kisses...two families coming together at last

By Paul Harris

Welcome to the Firm: The Middletons share the public's acclaim on the Buckingham Palace balcony

He is infamous for his bad jokes – and even on the Buckingham Palace balcony Prince Harry struck again. The 26-year-old quipped that his grandfather, Prince Philip, was dwarfed by Kate Middleton, who stood tall in three-inch heels alongside her prince.

His stunning second sister-in-law Pippa, 27, did not appear amused – but she will need to get used to Harry’s humour. And at least she seemed happier talking to the Duke of Edinburgh, 89, who is renowned for his charm with beautiful women.

Unimpressed: Three-year-old Grace van Cutsem fails to join in the excitement

Yards away, bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem had no qualms about showing her annoyance at the traditions of the day. The three-year-old covered her ears grumpily as the flypast took place noisily overhead. She may, too, have been grimacing about the soppy sweet nothings being whispered just over her left shoulder.

All eyes on the sky: The balcony party watch the RAF's Battle of Britain flypast

A lip reader’s analysis showed that, following their first kiss, Wil- Paul Harris reports liam touchingly told his new bride ‘I love you’ before going in for a second crowd-thrilling embrace.

‘Let’s give them another one. l love you. One more kiss, one more kiss, okay,’ he said. After the final kiss he gently mocked the enthusiasm of the cheering hordes, saying: ‘Come on! Come on! More! More! More!’

Unamused: Infamous joker Harry provokes a grimace from Pippa

Charmed: Prince Philip has more success with the head bridesmaid

Further along the balcony, Prince Charles jokingly asked the father of the bride Mike Middleton: ‘Can you see from here?’ Charles was also more tactile than usual, as he lifted up his wife’s young granddaughter Eliza Lopes so she could get a better view.

Throughout the balcony scene, William and Kate were understandably oblivious to the family bonding going on around them. The moment she stepped out in front of the crowd, Kate exclaimed ‘wow’ and looked in awe at the thousands of flag wavers who will one day be her subjects.

In-laws on parade: A beaming Mike and Carole Middleton beside Charles, perhaps tiring of holding Eliza, and Camilla

Unable to resist a backward glance, Kate leaves the balcony with her proud husband beside Charles, perhaps tiring of holding Eliza, and Camilla



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