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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shoppers stare as family of ducks get trapped on mall escalator (but why didn't anyone help them?)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Going up? An image from the viral video shows the ducks doing their best to ascend the escalator... which is descending

Surely your first instinct would be to grab them one by one and get them to safety.

But shoppers appeared to be memerised by this admittedly bizarre sight... a family of ducks trapped on a mall escalator.

The video, which first appeared on YouTube in 2008 but has gone viral in recent days, gives no explanation for how the ducks ended up inside the mall, much less trapped on the escalator, in the first place.

Scroll down for video

Moving forward: The five ducks, who all appear to be adults, gamely kept trying to hop up each moving step

It shows them frantically hopping from step to step, sometimes flapping their wings, in an attempt to ascend the escalator - which is going down.

Meanwhile shoppers stand by watching, with many taking pictures, as one mystery person films the surreal scene.

At one point the person with the video camera hops on to the escalator to get a better view.

What a scene: Shoppers lean on the glass to watch the ducks, but no one seems to be helping them

A little help here? Shoppers calmly ride the neighbouring staircase up as the trapped ducks frantically flap their wins next to them

Shortly after the ducks - who all seemed to be adults - appear to suddenly fly into the air.

It's not clear from the videos exactly when or in what mall the incident took place, or what became of the ducks.

But they may not be able to shake off memories of their traumatic experience on the escalator as easily as they would water off their backs.

See the video here



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