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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal tent city: If you were hoping for a spot near the Abbey... you're too late!


Royal fever: People camping in tents opposite Westminster Abbey have assured themselves a good view

Anyone still hoping they can get close to the action outside Westminster Abbey better think again because the area opposite the historic church has turned into a camp site full of Royal fans desperate for the best spot for tomorrow's wedding.

The run-up to the nuptials, which are set to be watched by billions worldwide, has proved a quintessentially English affair - with tea, cakes, tiaras, bunting and flags all on show in and around Parliament Square.

Right royal celebration: Tents lining the cobbled pavement as the world's press do their rounds

Thousands of diehard Royalists from across the world have descended on the patch of central London outside the Abbey as they vie to secure the best viewing position before Kate and Prince William marry.

Many have already camped out for several nights and have come with their tents, sleeping bags and even gazebos as they attempt to cater for all potential turns in the weather.

One girl takes a load off on an inflated pink sofa as they camp out in Parliament Square and (right) Royal fans wrapped up in sleeping bags to keep the cold out

Huddling together for warmth overnight, they passed around flasks of tea, shared crosswords and pinned reels of bunting to any surface available as they prepared for the Royal event of the decade.

As dawn broke over the historic church, a sea of red, white and blue emerged as hundreds of tents lined the cobbled pavement.

Bewildered tourists were left little space to squeeze past on their way to London's other sights, which have paled into insignificance by the most anticipated Royal wedding since Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981.

Some onlookers even wrapped themselves in their Union Flags to beat the brisk morning air, which they will soon unfurl when Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive tomorrow.

Britain's got passion: Amanda Holden quizzes campers outside Westminster Abbey today

Tight squeeze: Some 24 hours before the ceremony, the pavement is already packed

Christopher Farrow, 50, was propping himself up on the barricade, wearing a William and Kate tea towel and a Union flag round his waist, with two flags on sticks tucked into his waistband.

Mr Farrow, from Nottingham, said: 'I can't wait. This is what makes Britain great.
Because of people like us camping out, everybody else wants to get involved.'

'There will be billions of people watching -- and I will be seeing it with my own eyes. I'm going to go absolutely mad -- cheer, shout and wave my flags.'

A long night: Diehards stir as the sun rises with 24 hours to go before the Royal event of the decade

Royal watchers wearing tiaras talk amongst the tents outside the entrance the historic church

Nice lie in: A man sleeps in his open tent covered in a Union Flag duvet

Some fans pitched camp as early as two days ago in a bid to get as close to the action as possible.

John Loughrey, 56, was the first to arrive last night with only a sleeping bag and two carrier bags at the start of a week-long vigil to ensure a prime position for the event.

He was dressed in a Kate and William T-shirt, emblazoned with the words 'Diana Would Be Proud' with the images of Kate and William tied round his waist and a Union flag hat.

Cold time: The royal watchers had camped out all night in a bid to get the best spot to see the event

Carnival: Campers set up trellis tables and passed round sandwiches to get through the cold night

Tornado GR4 aircraft take off from RAF Coningsby station in Lincolnshire for a fly-past rehearsal

Union Flag and George Cross flag bunting hangs outside the Lamb and Flag pub in central London

source: dailymail


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