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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Meal: Teenager scoops a £500,000 jackpot after eating his first Big Mac

By Daily Mail Reporter

Josh Sargeant walked away with £500,000 after becoming the the youngest top prize winner in the McDonald's Monopoly promotion

A teenager got more than he bargained after he popped into McDonald's for his first Big Mac and walked away with £500,000.

Shocked Josh Sargeant, 17, hit the jackpot after taking part in the food chain's Monopoly Game in which participants have to collect different stickers.

Players receive 'streets' with their food and drink meals and qualify for prizes by collecting matching sets.

The lucky teen had been given Park Lane and completed the set after finding a 'Mayfair' sticker on his soft drink.

Josh, who owns his own business, said: 'I was just out with my friends and we all wanted something to eat so we headed to our local McDonald's.

'I had never had a Big Mac meal before - I had no idea that eating one would change my life completely.

'My mates and I have played the McDonald's Monopoly game before and I knew that finding Mayfair meant you win the big prize.

'So when I peeled off the ticket from my Fanta and saw Mayfair I literally couldn't believe it. Everyone I was with just went crazy - but I was in a state of shock.'

Josh, from Boston, Lincolnshire, recently started his own gardening business and has decided to seek financial advice so he can invest the money to try and make it into a successful enterprise.

'Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and I am determined to use the money to help build something for my future,' he said.

Josh outside the McDonald's in Bolton, Lincolnshire

'I already set up a small gardening business a few months ago which I am really enjoying and I have been looking into getting some advice from a young enterprise programme to see how I can use this money to make this business as successful as possible.

'Something like this only happens once in a lifetime so I know how lucky I am and I am really looking forward to the future.'

McDonald's franchisee Martin Cuthbert, who owns six restaurants in the area including the one where Josh became a winner, said: 'I am delighted to see the prize go to a young person like Josh who is such a deserving winner and everyone in the restaurant is really excited for him.

'We wish him the best of luck with all his plans for the future.'



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